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Jim Anderson Records at the White House with Sanken CUW-180

Pictured in the grand piano at The White House is the Sanken CUW-180.

Recording engineer and producer Jim Anderson recently employed the new Sanken CUW-180 stereo microphone for PBS’s In Performance at the White House. Anderson, who has won eight Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards with 22 nominations, is the Chair of the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at New York University and has been the engineer for the White House series for the past 15 years.

“When we set up for this show,” Anderson explains, “we had a stage that had to remain absolutely clean, without mic stands. We had a pianist and then the singer came over near the piano, and we had dancers throughout the show. I thought the CUW-180 would be perfect because I could conceal it in the piano, with a single point source. If I wanted a wider image I could adjust the dual capsules, because they have a ratcheted détente that you can lock into 90 degrees, or 120 degrees. It has that Sanken sound that I really like, with a very clear transient top end. And it’s a microphone that is not afraid to go down to the bottom end.”

The CUW-180 is comprised of two adjustable cardioid condenser microphones in one body. Each of its 180-degree capsules is independently adjustable for a variety of stereo and surround recording applications. For stereo recording, such as common X/Y configurations, the positioning of both capsules allows for optimum on-axis response and phase coherence.

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