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John Ross Creates Mixing Environment with Gefen Switchers and Euphonix System

John Ross—a notable sound supervisor, sound editor and dubbing mixer whose most recent project is the movie Take the Lead starring Antonio Bandaras—has created a method of mixing that incorporates every system component into a central Euphonix System 5-MC control surface to create a free flowing environment.

“To provide the ultimate creative environment, I knew we needed to be looking at the very best, and listening to the very best,” Ross says.

Ross decided to stay in the digital realm, using the Euphonix dual-operator System 5-MC integrated DAW controller as the command center linked to four Digidesign Pro Tools systems running on Mac G5s, three Steinberg Nuendo systems on AMD-quad PCs and V-Cube for high resolution projection on the BARCO DP 70 projector.

A matrix of Gefen’s 4×2 DVI switchers played a vital role in the system’s workflow by enabling each of the operators to switch control and screens between the seven main workstations and four Apple Cinema Displays that run at 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. The Gefen DVI switches interface directly with the System 5-MC via GPI switch contacts driven from the console for seamless workflow switching.

Euphonix recommends Gefen switches for use with their System 5-MC controller range.

“We selected the Gefen boxes because of the company’s knowledge of digital video distribution and the quality of its hardware,” says Ross. “We can pull up multiple layers and assign software keys to switch software, Ethernet levels plus hardware and USB control to create a true multi-platform mixing console.”

Ross credits the entire system with helping him create a true free flow of information where HD playback and thousands of audio tracks are instantly available.

“With the advent and continued growth of HDTV, it seems likely that more and more companies will heed the example set by Euphonix and Gefen by re-examining the wheel and re-thinking what can be achieved in the digital realm.”

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