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Korg Unveils Oasys, TM-40

Korg announced recently the OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio and the TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome.


Korg announced recently the OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio and the TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome.

Designed to provide a unified musical production environment, OASYS unites state-of-the-art synthesis, audio recording, MIDI sequencing, second generation KARMA® functionality, a control surface, a CD burner and more under an intuitive interface, highlighted by a large 10.4″ color TouchView™ display.

OASYS is described as three synthesizers in one: Korg’s all-new HD-1 High Definition PCM Synthesizer plus two additional EXi Expansion Instruments, the powerful AL-1 Virtual Analog synth, and an enhanced CX-3 Tonewheel Organ.

The 172-voice HD-1 offers an abundant 616 MB PCM library that captures the natural detail and ornamentation of an acoustic instrument. Also included are many stereo waveforms to preserve the natural imaging of acoustic sounds as well as up to 4-way velocity switching to recreate an instrument’s complete dynamic range. Extended-length samples preserve each instrument’s natural decay, especially evident in the drums and cymbals.

Advanced Vector Synthesis allows for smooth blending between the two oscillators and user-definable modulation of many parameters. In Combination Mode, Advanced Vector Synthesis can blend between four different mixtures of sounds to create evocative, motion-based timbres. Wave Sequences play back a series of selected waveforms over time, creating either distinctive rhythmic timbres or continually evolving sounds. New additions to this classic technology include enhanced tempo synchronization, swing and dual integrated step-sequencer modulation outputs.

The AL-1 is a cutting-edge virtual analog synth engine delivering 84 notes of polyphony. Two ultra-low aliasing oscillators per voice offer eight waveforms for a wide palette of modulatable shapes. An adjustable “Edge” parameter provides vintage oscillator modeling, while sync, FM and several varieties of ring modulation offer ample tone-shaping possibilities. A sub oscillator, colored noise generator and live audio input round out the signal sources.

The CX-3 Tonewheel Organ engine provides an enhanced version of Korg’s tonewheel modeling technology. In addition to the dual drawbar sets, the CX-3 features control over every nuance of the sound including leakage, key click, adjustable percussion, chorus/vibrato and a complete rotary speaker simulation.

Korg’s signature Combination structure has been expanded, now allowing up to 16 Programs to be split and layered across the keyboard. Combinations can freely use sounds from the
HD-1, AL-1 and CX-3, with dynamic voice allocation between the different synth engines for complete performance flexibility.

Korg’s international team of sound designers have provided 1,152 Programs and 384 Combinations, ranging from realistic acoustic instruments to fat, imaginative Korg synth sounds; from CX-3 organ sounds designed by top players to cutting-edge VA synth sounds. All sound locations (1,664 Programs / 1,792 Combis) are fully editable.

OASYS is available in a 76-key synth action, and an 88-key model offering Korg’s RH2 weighted hammer graded action.

In the U.S., the Korg OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio will be available in the U.S. in March 2005 at select, authorized dealers, with pricing TBA.

The TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome is a multi-function digital tuner and metronome housed in a single, compact package. Designed as a practice tool for wind, string, keyboard, guitar and other instruments, it allows players to use the tuner and metronome functions simultaneously or independently.

The TM-40 features a detection range of C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01 Hz) and a large LCD-type needle. Its meter scale provides markings to indicate intervals of a pure major third and minor third relative to a selected pitch, plus LED indicators to show pitch deviation or blink with the tempo. Calibration is adjustable within a range of 410 to 480 Hz (in 1 Hz steps) to accommodate a variety of tuning standards.

The unit will be available in Spring 2005 with a U.S. MSRP of $40. An optional CM-100 contact mic is also available.

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