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KRK Systems Releases Flagship Exposé Recording Monitor

KRK Systems announced the release of the Exposé E8B studio monitor ($5,995 a pair). The new E8B has a curved cabinet for reducing diffraction and uses state-of-the-art components to help achieve clarity and sonic accuracy that improves on KRK’s original Exposé. KRK engineers also took measures to reduce distortion by implementing design concepts that reduce port turbulence and diffraction.

The E8B features a tweeter made of AlBeMet, a composite material comprised of beryllium and aluminum. The woofer inside the E8B comprises two layers of Kevlar with a layer of Rohacell in between to provide additional stiffness for the woofer and function as a dampener to eliminate unwanted resonances. The E8B copper pole cap and the aluminum shorting ring are said to reduce motor induced distortions to a low level. The woofer’s multi-layered construction also promises to reduce distortion for improved reproduction accuracy.

KRK’s Exposé E8B uses two discrete, Class-A/B power amplifiers, 120 watts for the tweeter and 140W for the woofer. This is a bi-amplified system—one amplifier each for HF and LF—with symmetrical heat sinks built into the sides for cool running and reliable operation.

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