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KVEG-FM Acquires Heil Pro Series PR40 Mic

Radio station KVEG-FM Las Vegas switched to the new Heil PR40 dynamic mics. From left: Jay Rose (left) and Heil’s Bob Heil.

Jay Rose—owner of Jay Rose Broadcast Engineering, a consultancy based in San Francisco—recommended the Heil Pro Series PR40 dynamic microphone to Las Vegas radio station KVEG-FM owner Will Kemp.

The PR40’s wide bandwidth was able to solve the station’s chronic mic problems, most notably the tendency to pick up background noises that produce distortion. The PR40 is engineered to produce low-frequency response with very low distortion.

“At KVEG, as in most other radio studios, there’s a lot of equipment and hard, reflective surfaces right in front of the DJ,” Rose says. “The big problem the engineer faces is not picking up background noises while still making the DJ’s voice sound as natural and warm as possible. When we first tried the Heil, we noticed a huge difference without touching a mic processor. The PR40 minimizes reflections and distortions, yet delivers so much warmth on the front end.”

For more information, visit Heil’s U.S. distributor, TransAudio Group, at and KVEG-FM at