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L-Acoustics Releases SoundVision Version 1.6 Upgrade

L-Acoustics announces the release of Version 1.6 of its SoundVision 3-D acoustical simulation program.

The V. 1.6 software release includes air absorption as a function of humidity and temperature, affecting target SPL calculation; an updated data product library including the new K1, K1SB, 8XT, 12XT, 108P, 112P, SB15P and SB28 products; the adoption of the unified contour template for WST line sources and a gain structure matching the new V. 2 preset libraries, which allows each product to reach the maximum SPL with the same input level; ergonomic improvements such as mapping mode custom color scaling and new, programmable quick keys for faster operation; and new balloon export data for all WST and Point Source systems (except V-DOSC, dV-DOSC and K1) compatible with EASE 4.0 and CATT 8.0.

The SoundVision 1.6 upgrade package is available for existing users at