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Lavry Engineering Introduces LavryBlack DA10

Lavry Engineering’s DA10 is a stand-alone stereo D/A converter. The half-rack unit can receive AES or S/PDIF digital audio on XLR, RCA and optical link.

The unit provides three Clock modes. The preferred modes are CrystalLock ™ and Narrow Lock modes, but the unit also offers a Wide Lock mode based on an internal sample rate conversion for listening at non-standard sampling rates.

An up/down switch and a two-digit display control the level of the analog outputs (balanced or unbalanced). The “potentiometer-free” discrete analog attenuator provides up to 60 dB of very high precision volume control in 1dB steps.

The unit includes a polarity switch and a stereo-mono switch, a feature aimed at mastering studios.

The unit is priced at less than $1,000. More details can be found at