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Lectrosonics Announces SMQ Series Transmitter

Lectrosonics announces that its new SMQ ($1,960) “Super-Mini” quarter-watt wireless transmitter has cleared FCC regulatory requirements and is now available. The SMQ’s 250mW RF output is said to provide exceptional range and resistance to interference, and the unit’s RF-isolated output promises to reduce inter-modulation (IM) products when the transmitter is used in multichannel systems. The SMQ is the latest offering in Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless Series of products that feature compandor-free audio and backward compatibility with older analog wireless systems from Lectrosonics and two additional manufacturers.

The new SMQ features a membrane-switch front panel, LCD display and specially-plated, machined-aluminum housing. Like the company’s SM and SMD transmitters, the SMQ responds to commands generated by the optional RM remote control unit.

The microphone input circuit for Lectrosonics’ SM family was designed using a current-servo architecture to accept the widest possible range of microphone sensitivities without distortion. The SMQ is slightly larger than the original SM in order to accommodate an additional AA battery, due to the SMQ’s greater RF output power.

The SMQ ships with a leather belt-clip pouch and a set of four, 2500mAh rechargeable NiMh AA batteries, plus a charger. An optional wire belt-clip is available for low-profile placement on the talent.

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