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Lectrosonics Introduces XSDT Wireless Microphone

Lectrosonics has introduced the XSDT wireless microphone. The new mic includes a nearly microscopic condenser microphone element, AA battery and a 250-megawatt RF transmitter using the company’s proprietary Digital Hybrid Wireless technology. The microphone element, with a 1x1mm capsule area, provides a frequency response of 5 to 120k Hz. Dynamic range is 120 dB, with self-noise of 48 dB (A-weighted) and a maximum SPL of 168 dB.

Two versions of the transmitter are available: the XSDT-ALK ($499.99), which uses an alkaline AA battery that provides 38 minutes of operational time; and the XSDT-LITH ($699.99), which uses a lithium battery providing one hour and 15 minutes of operational time. Due to the permanently installed battery on each unit, the XSDT must be discarded once the battery dies.

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