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Lectrosonics Launches LecNet User Group

Lectrosonics has launched a user’s group for their LecNet series of DSP-based products, where users, consultants and installers can freely discuss the products and their applications, post files such as system diagrams or macros, and learn from the experiences of other users.

Posts are moderated by Lectrosonics employees in order to prevent spam and off-topic posting. However, once a member has posted a legitimate message, their settings will be changed to unrestricted posting.

Message topics can relate to any past or present LecNet product, including the AM range of auto mixers, right up to the DM Series matrix units, such as the DM1624 and DMTH4 telephone hybrid.

The new discussion group can be accessed from Lectrosonics’ home page at by clicking the “Discussion Group” link, or directly at