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Live Earth Called Largest Global Entertainment Event in History

Live Earth organizers reflected on the success of the seven-continent, 24-hour music extravaganza that took place on July 7.

“Live Earth rallied an unprecedented audience to take action to tackle the world’s paramount challenge—the climate crisis,” says Live Earth founder and producer Kevin Wall. “The climate crisis is a global problem that requires a global response, and that is just what we’ve received. Live Earth has established a deep foundation for the ongoing campaign that will continue to move people to help solve the climate crisis.”

“Live Earth is officially the largest global entertainment event in history,” stated former U.S. Vice President and Live Earth partner Al Gore. “Live Earth is already the largest in history, and the numbers are still coming in.”

MSN, Live Earth’s official online partner, broadcast the entire concert series live and experienced more than 15 million video streams on its Website. Since the concert began Friday night, MSN has served more than 30 million live and on-demand streams of the Live Earth concerts for climate change.

Live Earth reached its massive audience through an unprecedented media architecture covering television, radio, Internet and wireless channels. Live Earth was broadcast across television networks in more than 100 countries. In the U.S., NBC Universal dedicated all of its domestic networks to Live Earth on July 7, culminating with a prime time special that aired on NBC. More than 20 of the world’s leading broadcasters including NBC (U.S.), Shanghai Media Group and CTV (China), BBC (UK), Pro Sieben (Germany), TVGLobo (Brazil), Fuji TV and NHK (Japan), South Africa Broadcast Company (South Africa) and Foxtel (Australia) dedicated a combined total of more than 100 channels to Live Earth concert coverage.

Live Earth was broadcast via radio channels in more than 130 countries. Through a partnership with Premiere Radio Network, four separate radio broadcast programs at 18 hours each were heard on 200 syndicated stations in the U.S. Both XM and SIRIUS satellite radio devoted eight channels each to carry all concerts and messaging in its entirety for 60 total hours of music. In addition, World Space satellite radio delivered 22 hours of audio content across Africa, Asia and Europe in 134 countries. Beyond regular concert programming, each partnering radio station carried Live Earth public service announcements and promotions.

In addition, Wall noted that Live Earth has produced more than 60 short films, 30 PSAs featuring Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and other stars, and a book—The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild—to serve as lasting media.

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