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Loud Technologies

LOUD Technologies is honored to be a part of Mix magazine’s 20th Annual Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards. At LOUD Technologies, we are incredibly proud of the 10 previous TEC Awards granted us, and have our fingers crossed for our 12th in 2004 with the nominations of our Mackie Control Universal in the Small Format Console Technology category and the EAW KF730 Line Array system in the Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology category. We are also delighted to be inducted as technical innovators in the TECnology Hall of Fame for the 1992 introduction of our Mackie CR-1604 compact mixer.

This year looks to be a milestone in the pro audio industry, as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, and we want to thank Mix magazine for the part it has played in our success with their unwavering support and coverage. Mix magazine has been and remains the premier font of wisdom and taste in the pro audio world. For this, LOUD Technologies is proud to be a sponsor of the 2004 TEC Awards.

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