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Loudspeakers: Live & Studio

Bag End adds additional juice to its signature subwoofer. The all-new digital P-500 amplifier

ADAM SX Series Monitors
ADAM Audio’s S Series steps up the evolutionary ladder with a new name and new components. The SX Series has six models ranging from small near-fields to larger mid-field models, all with redesigned transducers, drivers and electronics, promising the most transparent reproduction possible. The monitors feature the new X-ART tweeter, offering 4dB higher efficiency, 3dB greater max SPLs and expanded bandwidth to 50 kHz. Also new is an ultralow-distortion, broadband Class-A/B amplifier with 1MHz internal bandwidth and Hexacone™ woofers for more linear excursion. Prices (each) range from $1,295 (two-way, 5-inch woofer) to $4,795 (two-way, dual 9-inch woofers).
AES Booth: 373
More information on the SX Series

Bag End IDS12-I
The IDS12-I subwoofer features a built-in dual integrator, and provides perfectly flat response down to 18 Hz. In addition, the subwoofer’s 12-inch INFRA core enables the IDS12-I to maintain tightly packed bass aligned with the upper-range signal to produce a seamless musical connection with the main loudspeakers. The subwoofer is self-contained, featuring a built-in 220W amplifier, and offers a balanced female XLR input connection. Bag End also offers optional fly-point mounting for the IDS12-I. The IDS12-I is housed in a compact, sturdy 13-ply birch plywood enclosure measuring 15x18x15 (HxWxD) inches, and is fronted with a 16-gauge vinyl-coated perforated steel grille; an optional cloth grille is also available. Enclosures are available in a wide range of colors or unfinished and ready for staining.
AES Booth: 455

Blue Sky SAT 8
Three-way, tri-amplified, 300W mid-field monitor featuring an 8-inch high-excursion hemispherical woofer, a 4-inch hemispherical midrange driver and a 1-inch dual-concentric diaphragm tweeter with integral wave guide for superior off-axis response.
More information on the SAT 8

Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus System
Proprietary monitor-tuning protocol for all speaker brands in all environments.

More information on the PhantomFocus System

Celestion CDX1-1720 HF Driver
The CDX1-1720 is a 1-inch-exit, neodymium-magnet, titanium-dome compression driver with a “next-generation” phase plug developed at Celestion’s UK headquarters for lower distortion and higher max SPLs. A deep-drawn, 1.75-inch diameter titanium diaphragm increases stiffness to reduce dome breakup within the critical 2kHz to 10kHz listening band. Specifications for the 8-ohm driver include 50W RMS power handling, 800 to 20k Hz frequency response and 107dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.
More information on the CDX1-1720

Community Professional ENTASYS
Community will display ENTASYS, its high-performance column line array loudspeaker system. ENTASYS features three-way, full-range and low-frequency columns offering high output and high power handling in a compact, architecturally appealing design.
AES Booth: 233
More information on ENTASYS

Genelec 8260A
The 8260A is a three-way design incorporating a proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) mid-high driver on a Directivity Control Waveguide for smooth, flat on/off-axis response. With the MDC, the midrange driver cone forms a continuous surface for the tweeter output, coupling both drivers into a single coincident point source. The rounded edges and curved front of the enclosure’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™ substantially reduce diffraction artifacts. Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software manages crossover filters, driver EQ, driver alignment, room-response correction, calibration filters and distance-compensating delay, so the 8260A can be used with other 8200 Series DSP monitors and 7200 Series subs in the same setup. Genelec’s AutoCal automated room-calibration/system alignment provides accurate response for multichannel audio systems in varying room environments.
AES Booth: 254
More information on the 8260A

JBL CBT Series Line Array Columns
Offering directivity control and sonic fidelity at an affordable price, the CBT Series passive line array columns feature Constant Beamwidth Technology™ circuitry, with switchable Broad/Narrow mode for mid/long-throw coverage. The compact 20-inch CBT 50LA uses a straight line of eight 2-inch drivers; the 40-inch CBT 100 LA has 16 2-inch drivers and handles 325W continuous. Both accept 70/100-volt or low-Z inputs. The J-shaped CBT 70J is a 28-inch, two-way coaxial line array with 16 soft-dome tweeters and four high-power 5-inch woofers. Its top-half projects sound toward the back of the venue; the bottom down-fills a broader sound to the front for consistent front-to-back sound levels. A CBT 70JE extension cabinet doubles its height, adds LF response and extends power handling to 1,000W.
AES Booth: 226
More information on the CBT Series

Distributed in North America by Sennheiser, K-array builds thin, lightweight speakers for medium- to large-scale applications. Components range from a half-inch to four inches deep; models include the Vyper 3-D line arrays, Tornado point-source speakers and the Kobra ultraslim 3-D line arrays. The KR two-way speakers measure only a couple inches across, and the KL subs weigh just more than 25 pounds. The long-throw KH4 two-way flat-panel line array and medium-throw KH15 two-way ultracompact line array are self-powered, yet only six inches deep. The flyable/stackable KS Series and 85-pound KS4 sub can create a top-quality touring P.A. at a fraction of the size of traditional rigs. Class-D amps with onboard DSP, overbass powered subs and the compact KM8 stage monitor complete the line.
AES Booth: 330

Meyer Sound Labs JM-1P Arrayable Loudspeaker
The JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker combines Meyer Sound’s famed clarity of sound and robust, self-powered performance with the company’s latest breakthroughs in horn design, rigging and loudspeaker control to produce an extremely easy-to-use, highly versatile arrayable loudspeaker system powerful enough to act as a main system, but flexible enough to serve in any number of supporting roles—whether horizontal or vertical, flown or stacked.
More information on the JM-1P

Meyer Acheron Studio
A more compact version of the acclaimed Acheron 80 and Acheron 100 cinema screen loudspeakers, Meyer Sound’s Acheron Studio (targeted at $8,500 each) is now shipping. Designed for smaller re-recording stages, post-production facilities and smaller theater/screening rooms, the systems are voiced for perforated or non-perf screen installs. The 30.8×25.4×16-inch (HxWxD) enclosures feature onboard DSP, 700W of noiseless convection-cooled Class-A/B MOSFET bi-amplification, a 15-inch woofer and a 4-inch compression driver mated to an 80×50-degree horn based on the technology of the larger Acheron systems. Options include subwoofer(s), surround channels and remote monitoring of system parameters via a PC.
More information on the Acheron Studio

Outline Mantas
The Mantas vertical line array from Outline shares the same basic components and characteristics of the company’s successful Butterfly, but in a compact cabinet capable of 137 dB (or 147 dB from four modules). Mantas features a DPRWG (Double Parabolic Reflective Waveguide) with two 8-inch neodymium mid/woofers and a 3-inch compression driver. The 53-pound enclosure measures just 9.4×30.5×20.5 inches (HxWxD). Mantas was designed as an individual vertical line array, but as it has the same flying points, it can also be used with the Butterfly system to provide wider horizontal coverage (120-degree) for front-fill and down-fill applications.
More on Mantas

The DB1S-AII is the smaller of the two astonishing compact, activated models standing just 11 inches high, offering a supreme level of detail and scale like no other compact monitor. Speed, dynamics and depth of bass are not sacrificed for size. With the combination of Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology and PMC’s ultra-clean and highly potent 200W DS-001 power module, the DB1S-AII offers performance greater than other monitors twice its size. The DB1S-AII is best suited with smaller control rooms and 5.1 systems when partnered with a TLE1S powered sub. PMC’s all-new DS-001 cutting-edge Class-D amp module ups the power from the previous module’s output of 100W to 200W and radically reduces distortion.
AES Booth: 647
More on the DB1S-AII

Trident Audio Developments HG3
Distributed by PMI Audio, the HG3 are three-way, active near-field studio monitors from Trident.
AES Booth: 627

Turbosound Powered Flex Array
The new Flex Array TFA-600HDP compact, trapezoidal, digitally self-powered and networkable three-way mid/high enclosure is designed for medium-scale line array or virtual point touring or fixed applications. Featuring a 1-inch neodymium HF driver on a Dendritic™ device, a 6.5-inch high-mid driver on a Polyhorn device and two Turbo-loaded 1-inch LMF drivers, the TFA-600HDP has integrated Class-D amps and a DSP module with network capability. Bass is covered by the TFA-600LDP, a horn-loaded, single 18-inch LF cabinet also designed for flown and ground-stacked applications.
AES Booth: 129
More information on the TFA-600HDP