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Lynx LT-TB Thunderbolt LSlot Interface for Hilo, Aurora Converters

At the 135th AES Convention, Lynx Studio Technology, based in Costa Mesa, Calif., introduced the Lynx LT-TB, a 2-port Thunderbolt expansion card that supports daisy-chaining Aurora and Hilo converters and other certified Thunderbolt devices on both Mac and Windows computers. The company states that the LT-TB and accompanying Aurora and Hilo models are the first audio devices certified for both Windows and Mac.

The LT-TB LSlot card can be installed into any existing Hilo or Aurora. Lynx says it is also making Thunderbolt equipped Aurora and Hilo models available simultaneously.

Whereas some earlier Thunderbolt equipped converters are limited to two units and 32 analog channels, up to 6 LT-TB equipped Aurora converters provide up to 96 analog channels, plus 96 digital channels on one Thunderbolt port. In addition to Lynx converters, you can have external drives, displays, expansion chassis etc.

Thunderbolt technology is the fastest connection to a PC at 10 GB per second, twice the speed of USB 3.

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