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M-Audio Ships StudioPro 3 Pro Desktop Audio Monitors

M-Audio recently announced that its new StudioPro 3 professional desktop audio monitors are ready to ship.

M-Audio recently announced that its new StudioPro 3 professional desktop audio monitors are ready to ship.

The compact StudioPro 3 monitors brings professional design and material standards to less than $100 cost. These include MDF (rather than plastic) cabinets, Fiberglas insulation for better bass response, custom port design for optimal efficiency and more.

The StudioPro 3’s 3.25-inch low-frequency drivers feature a curved cone for improved linearity, acoustic foam damping for optimal efficiency and a high-temperature voicecoil for longevity. The specially developed 1-inch high-frequency domes deliver natural response and feature unique internal damping technology to minimize unwanted resonances. Both drivers are magnetically shielded to protect computer and video monitors from interference.

The StudioPro 3s deliver a full-range bass response but a small footprint. The custom bass-reflex port design discharges very low frequency signals and works with the woofer and cabinet to reproduce bass signals faithfully and naturally. The rear-panel Bass Boost control allows you to add low-frequency gain and makes the monitors versatile for different spaces and listening preferences.

To provide more stable performance, StudioPro 3 Pro monitors are constructed from a special Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) with unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration and impact generated under extreme conditions. Carefully placed acoustic material makes the StudioPro 3s sound bigger than they are, and provide a smooth, unaltered bass response.

Specifications for the StudioPro 3 include 100Hz-20kHz ±3 dB frequency response, 2.3kHz crossover frequency, greater than 80 dB dynamic range (typical, A-weighted), input impedance of 10k ohms unbalanced and input sensitivity of 90dBA SPL at 1 meter with 100mV pink noise input (volume control at maximum).

“Most small, inexpensive speakers simply don’t have the design and material standards found in professional studio monitors,” says Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio. “The StudioPro 3 active monitors bring our experience designing professional reference monitors to bear at a price point under $100 where everything else is just plastic. The StudioPro 3s are ideally suited for the desktop or fit conveniently in a suitcase for travel.”

The StudioPro 3s are expected to ship by then end of September and carry an MSRP of $99.95 USD.

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