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M-Audio Upgrades M-Track Audio Interface Products

M-Audio M-Track Plus

M-Audio in Cumberland, R.I., announces improved versions of its M-Track ($99 street price) and M-Track Plus ($149 street price) audio interface products, and an expanded software suite for the M-Track Eight ($399 street price). These products offer a new rugged all-metal chassis, improved preamps, and class-leading audio performance at the inputs.

M-Track Plus offers 24-bit/96kHz resolution, while M-Track offers 24-bit/48kHz resolution. Both M-Track Plus and M-Track feature a metal chassis and low-profile design; two XLR/ ¼-inch combo inputs with phantom power; switchable input on both channels for line-level recording; zero-latency monitoring with USB/Analog Direct Balance control; two balanced ¼-inch main outputs with dedicated level control; LED metering; a headphone output with independent level control; USB-powered connectivity; and Ableton Live Lite software. The M-Track Plus adds Cubase LE software.

M-Audio M-Track

M-Audio also announces a partnership with Waves Audio. Included with the M-Track units are Waves’ AudioTrack, Eddie Kramer Effects Channel, and TrueVerb plug-ins. M-Track Eight adds the L1 Ultramaximizer and Manny Marroquin Delay as part of its included software suite.

M-Audio states that the upgraded M-Track and M-Track Plus will be available at the end of October and be sold through consumer and professional music retailers worldwide. The M-Track Eight is available now.

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