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Manhattan Producers Alliance Announces MPA Affiliate Program

The Manhattan Producer’s Alliance (MPA)—New York City’s premier membership-based co-op of composers, producers, sound designers and music supervisors—has introduced its new MPA Affiliate program. With MPA Affiliate, MPA’s professional and technical resources are now available to qualified, emerging professional audio talent.

“Since we began two years ago, MPA has established itself as a uniquely powerful center of operations for many of the top music professionals working in NYC today,” says Joe Carroll, president of the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance. “MPA Affiliate is a program that allows us to open up our collaborative network to a wider, but still select, group of up-and-coming music makers who may not otherwise meet MPA’s strict criteria for full membership.”

With MPA Affiliate, qualified applicants can access MPA’s studios and learn from its award-winning staff at an affordable monthly rate. Once accepted into the program, MPA Affiliates benefit from use of MPA’s complex of high-end music studios, expansive sound libraries, expert career guidance and business consultation, Midtown Manhattan meeting space and marketing/PR/Web resources. To help enhance a sense of community, MPA Affiliate Members are also required to give time back to the MPA each month.

The debut of the MPA Affiliate program adds a cost-efficient option to the MPA’s full-featured core membership. An entry-level introductory membership is also available, offering emerging talent affordable access to MPA’s expert Web, networking and informational resources, as well as preferred rates for studio time, technical consulting and other valuable services.

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