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Manhattan Producers Alliance Names General Director and CEO

The Manhattan Producer’s Alliance (MPA) has named Matt Grippo (pictured) to the post of General Director/CEO. Grippo comes to the MPA as a recent MBA graduate of the London Business School and as a jazz drummer in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 10 years.

“The MPA is a unique workspace with an uncommonly dedicated membership,” Grippo observes. “This is an advanced organization that also brings back the best aspects of another era, when you had many composer/producers under one roof. While new members must have a certain level of credits to join, the other core values we require are strong creative skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. The result is a situation with some serious shared resources to offer—if you’re on the ball and looking for new opportunities, the MPA can help to facilitate that.”

Under Grippo’s guidance, the MPA will expand and evolve beyond its original co-op model with the launch of four parallel initiatives: membership, professional development, entrepreneurial ventures in music development and production, and youth education.

While the ranks of the MPA are at their highest levels yet thanks to the successful introduction of its Affiliate program in early 2006, the Alliance is currently accepting applications from qualified music professionals. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch via the organization’s Website.

“The Manhattan Producers Alliance has always been a friendly, supportive space for career development,” Grippo concludes. “Our latest round of initiatives reinforces the MPA’s standing as a highly creative workspace. Due to the incredible talent and knowledge of its membership, the MPA is a completely unique place where people can work, interact and bring renewed energy to music production for TV, film and advertising.”

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