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Marshall Electronics AR-DM Series Monitors

Marshall Electronics announces the new AR-DM Series Rackmount Audio monitors. Available in five highly configurable models (prices TBA), the AR-DM Series offers high quality, near-field audio monitoring systems for space-critical environments with interchangeable input modules and RS-485 ports on the rear panel for on-site, field upgradeable firmware capability. The new monitors are intended for TV facilities, studios, post-production, VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, satellite links and any place in which multichannel audio monitoring is required.

AR-DM Series monitors comprise two single rackspace and three two-rackspace models. All five models support 16 audio channels and provide four slots for the available interchangeable input modules. Available input modules include SDI/HDSDI with re-clocked loop-through (eight stereo de-embedded channels), quad unbalanced BNC AES/EBU with loop-through and quad balanced AES/XLR to DB-25 with loop-through.

These units feature Class-D (digital) amplification and 100-percent digital processing, and provide selectable stereo downmix modes. Further, all models provide Dolby Digital/Dolby E decoding capability (with the optional Dolby E module), and a ¼-inch headphone jack with level control. For audio playback, single rackspace units provide twin loudspeakers while two-rackspace models provide larger, high performance transducers plus a subwoofer.

For visual monitoring of signal presence and system status, the single rackspace AR-DM1 and AR-DM2 each provide tri-color LEDs. The two-rackspace models, the AR-DM1-B and AR-DM2-B, provide 10- and 20-segment tri-color bar graphs, respectively. Both VU and peak metering are supported. The flagship model AR-DM2-L provides dual high-resolution 640XRGBX480 4-inch LCD monitors capable of displaying a high contrast, tri-color 16-bar-graph display in one window while showing critical metadata or channel status information in the other. Channel, Group, Mix, Dolby and Balance selection—along with saved configurations—are accessed via the system’s large navigation buttons.

Marshall Electronics expects to ship all five models in the third quarter of 2007.

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