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Marshall Launches JVM Series Tube Amplifiers

Marshall Amplification introduces the JVM Series all-tube amplifiers. The UK-built series comprises the JVM410H ($2,500) 100-watt head and JVM410C (pictured; $3,000) 100W 2×12-inch combo. The amplifiers have five ECC83 tubes and two EL34s, and feature four independent channels (Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2) that are selectable via footswitch, with three switchable Modes per channel, yielding a total of 12 different “amps.” Each Mode has its own unique gain structure, offering sounds ranging from clean to high-gain distortion. Each channel’s three modes are indicated by an LED that glows either green, orange or red, depending on which Mode is selected.

The head and combo have eight LED switches and 28 controls, including Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain for each channel, dual Master Volumes plus Resonance and Presence. Both amplifiers also house a studio-quality, digital reverb with level controls for each channel.

In addition to the Channel/Mode switches, the amps also feature front-panel switches for Reverb (off/on), Master Volume selection (1 or 2) and FX loop (on/off). Onboard logic ensures that switching is swift and silent; plus, the unit remembers the last position of each front panel switch in all 12 Modes, even after the amp has been powered down.

Marshall developed a six-way foot-controller that can memorize the user’s front panel switch settings. Seven multicolored LEDs reflect every front panel switch setting, including the channel Mode being used. This patent-pending technology allows single front-panel switches or entire setups (Channel, Mode, Reverb, FX Loop and Master Volume switch settings) to be assigned to any one of the foot-controller’s six switches. For user convenience, the foot-controller connects to the amps via a standard guitar cable.

All switching can also be done via MIDI. Both amplifiers incorporate two FX loops: Series/Parallel, which can be selected with a footswitch, and Parallel. The rear panel also includes a Speaker Emulated XLR line out.

The JVM410C is loaded with one Vintage and one Heritage Celestion 12-inch speaker. The JVM410H can be used with any Marshall 4×12 cabinet.

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