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Martin Audio Introduces OMNILINE Micro-Line Array System

Martin Audio’s new OMNILINE micro-line array system is designed for installation in a variety of architectural environments. OMNILINE’S modular approach and scalability extend its use from foreground applications to sound reinforcement in large acoustic spaces. An array can be configured using intelligent software to deliver sound precisely over any vertical angle to fit the venue profile, without spilling onto surfaces where sound is not required.

In addition, OMNILINE promises to eliminate high-frequency side-lobes, making it suitable for high-quality music reproduction as well as speech in large, reverberant spaces.

Each OMNILINE array is constructed by connecting together multiple array modules. Up to 32 modules can be connected, where both high output and vertical focusing down to low/mid-frequencies are required. A smaller number of modules, as few as four, can be used for shorter-throw applications, where vertical focusing of the low/mid-frequencies is less critical. This scalability means that OMNILINE can be used in applications from bar and sports venues to churches and large public spaces. Visually, an OMNILINE array is slim and unobtrusive, with soft lines that minimize its visual presence in an architectural environment.

OMNILINE achieves vertical beam-forming by physically articulating individual array modules to curve the array, rather than applying DSP to a traditional column. The actual array configuration for a specific venue is determined by patent-pending optimization software, which makes intelligent judgments about the viability of the arrays’ SPL distribution when measured against objective target functions.

In-house mathematical modeling software enables OMNILINE to determine the acoustic field at any point from multiple acoustic elements, using a combination of actual measurements, theoretical elements or BEM (Boundary Element Method) models.

The OMNILINE module comprises 2x 3-inch reflex-loaded, low/mid-radiators on either side of a central strip of 5x14mm HF devices in a patent-pending arrangement. All drive units were developed specifically for the array module.

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