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Masterfonics Hosts ADAM Audio Product Demo

ADAM Audio’s David Bryce (left) and Masterfonics’ Tommy Dorsey.

ADAM Audio recently featured several of its products in a day of critical listening at Masterfonics in Nashville, Tenn. The event was attended by local audio professionals, Nashville AES chapter members and local retailers.

The daylong event included private demos held during daytime hours in conjunction with five local retailers: Corner Music, Ears Audio, GC Pro, Rack-n-Roll and Vintage King Audio. The evening session coincided with the Nashville AES chapter’s monthly social event, hosting more than 100 members, local producers and engineers.

“The sonic characteristics across ADAM’s product lines vary to suit any number of criteria such as room size and type, musical genre and personal taste,” says ADAM Audio national sales manager Jim Latimer. “The world-class acoustic environments at Masterfonics gave our guests the critical listening and confidence necessary to evaluate ADAM products.”

ADAM monitors were presented in four different studios at Masterfonics. The new A7 near-field monitors were set up in Mastering Studio 2. The P Series, including the P11-A, P22-A, and P33-A took up residence in Studio 7. Masterfonics’ SSL-based Mix Room provided the environment for ADAM’s S Series—the S2.5A, S3A and S5A MK2—while Mastering Studio 1 housed a pair of ADAM MP1 Mastering Pieces.

“We had a great turnout for the event,” says Tommy Dorsey, head of Masterfonics’ mastering department. “ADAM monitors have become a popular tool for Nashville engineers, and it was valuable for them to hear just how remarkably well they performed in our studio rooms. Engineers also agreed that ADAM Mastering speakers provided a high critical listening standard for our master word clock comparison sessions.”

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