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McDSP and TC Electronic Enter Into License Agreement

McDSP and TC Electronic have entered into an Impulse Response License Agreement. Under this agreement, McDSP will use the impulse responses of the reverbs in TC Electronic’s flagship M5000 processor in their Revolver plug-in software and potentially other future products.

“With this agreement, McDSP can legally provide its customers with what they have been wanting for a long time: impulse responses of accurately named presets from the legendary M5000 processor,” stated Colin McDowell, CEO and CTO of McDSP.

Anders Fauerskov, chairman of TC Electronic, added, “We see McDSP as a vibrant and up-and-coming provider of software plug-ins, and are happy to add them to the list of companies that license our reverbs for impulse responses. We also applaud McDSP’s approach and attitude to the impulse-response issue.

“Sadly, several companies do not recognize the intellectual property and many years of research that they are taking advantage of, when making impulse responses of existing equipment,” Fauerskov adds. “A lot of people seem to think it is a very complicated issue, but in reality it is quite simple—don’t steal effects. We thus urge everyone in the audio community, when making their decision on which products to buy, to consider the important aspect of who is doing the right thing and obtaining the necessary rights for their products.”

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