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McDSP Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Founded by Colin McDowell in 1998, plug-in manufacturer McDSP, based in Mountain View, Calif., is celebrating 10 years of excellence in the pro audio industry. As one of the “oldest” plug-in manufacturers in the industry, McDSP was started to meet the demand for better quality audio processing on the Pro Tools platform, with the added flexibility that could only exist in software.

Beginning with FilterBank in 1998, McDSP then released CompressorBank, MC2000, Analog Channel, Synthesizer One, Chrome Tone, Channel G, Revolver and ML4000.

New for 2008, McDSP released the DE555 de-esser, FutzBox lo-fi distortion effects, and NF575 noise filter to round out the McDSP plug-in product line.  Platform support continues to grow with support for Windows-based Pro Tools systems, and the new Digidesign live sound consoles.

There are also now three product lines: HD—full featured product on Pro Tools HD and Venue (live sound) systems, with TDM, RTAS and Audio Suite formats available; Native—full-featured products running on the host computer for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered, with RTAS and Audio Suite formats available; and  LE—products with limited features that run on the host computer for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered systems, with RTAS and Audio Suite formats available.

Under McDowell’s direction, McDSP has earned many industry awards, including four TEC Award nominations (the MC2000 in 2000; Analog Channel in 2002; Channel G in 2005; and ML4000 in 2007), an EQ magazine Blue Ribbon Award (FilterBank and CompressorBank, 1999), a Pro Audio Review PAR Excellence Award (Revolver, 2006), and an Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Award (Project Studio Bundle, 2007).

As McDSP continues to grow, McDowell says, “It is a great time to be in the digital audio space, and we’re glad to keep providing the products and support our professional customer base demands and deserves.”

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