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MediaMatrix Introduces AEC Noise Reduction for NION DSP Platform

MediaMatrix introduces the Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and noise reduction algorithm for the NION DSP audio processing platform. The NION AEC algorithm is included in all NION processing nodes, including NION n3, n6 and the new nX, and will be supported by NWare Version 1.3 software. This AEC algorithm can also be used in projects along with the existing AEC/NC card available for the CAB 4n CobraNet Bridge. NION is built on an embedded Linux operating system architecture designed for stable, efficient and robust performance in situations that demand large amounts of audio processing.

NION nX is based on three floating-point Analog Devices SHARC DSP processors. MediaMatrix’s Scalable I/O Architecture, a modular I/O scheme, supports a variety of optional plug-in cards for maximum versatility. The NION nX has two module bays that support up to 16 simultaneous analog audio channels, while an integrated CobraNet port provides another 32 or 64 channels (model-dependant) for a total of 48 or 80 simultaneously configurable audio channels. It uses NWare software, a Windows-based interface that works with multiple nodes across an Ethernet network, as well as additional support for third-party control and SNMP management tools.

The NION front-panel interface (pictured) features an LCD display, soft buttons and a rotary encoder to enable access to common system functions. Additional control interfacing is provided by both RS-232 and RS-422/485 ports, while a new configurable GPIO system is designed to make interfacing with hard contacts and logic systems easier.

NION Project Management hardware and software brings more extensive project control and management to large multi-area projects, such as allowing the user to shut down an area for maintenance or reconfiguration while other areas continue to operate normally. It also can manage multiple SNMP devices or CABs (CobraNet Audio Bridges) separately from the NION DSP engines.

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