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Megatrax Music: Film/TV, Broadcast and A/V

As a result of their success across an enormous array of media clientele, Megatrax Music founders Ron Mendelsohn and J.C. Dwyer report that the company

As a result of their success across an enormous array of media clientele, Megatrax Music founders Ron Mendelsohn and J.C. Dwyer report that the company has expanded with the addition of Ben Trust as general manager, and has streamlined itself into three primary divisions: Megatrax for Film & TV, Megatrax for Broadcast and Megatrax for A/V.

Megatrax for Film & TV, with Andrew D. Robbins at its helm, specializes in providing original music, from pre-production through post, for the major motion picture and television studios, as well as independent TV and film-production companies. The division licenses existing Megatrax catalog music and offers original custom scoring from a broad array of professional composers with top film/TV credits. A one-stop shop for its clients’ needs, the Film & TV unit can provide everything from temp music cues and music for playback to replacing cues in post, whether for creative or financial reasons. State-of-the-art, in-house live and electronic recording studios, equipped with Pro Tools|HD and outfitted for 5.1 surround sound, allow the Film & TV division to quickly turn around virtually any scoring project, from a :30 spot to a full-length feature film.

Aaron Davis is head of Megatrax for Broadcast, a division that works primarily with TV/radio stations and cable networks. The Megatrax library is ideally suited for broadcast applications in terms of both style and format; 20 new update discs are released annually (including the recent Atomic Lounge, Hyperactive and Nu Metal), and most titles are available in :60 and :30 lengths. The Broadcast division operates under a simple philosophy: base annual blanket prices on the frequency and media of synchronization, not on the number of discs provided. A TV or radio promo producer’s creative control stems from an abundance of quality choices, and broadcast clients are able to enjoy unlimited access to the entire Megatrax library.

Megatrax for A/V is the newest unit of the Megatrax family, under the direction of Caitlin Hill. This new division provides access to the entire Megatrax collection (under annual license agreements and on a needle-drop basis) to a wide array of clients, including ad agencies, ad producers, network promo producers, consultants, corporations, government agencies, independent promo producers, infomercial and multimedia producers, not-for-profit organizations, online/interactive companies, religious organizations, schools and other entities. In view of this wide spectrum of companies, the philosophy of the A/V group is to cater to the individual needs of each client, realizing that not every company has the music budget of a major studio, and that different markets require different pricing structures.

Megatrax strives to build successful working partnerships with each and every one of its clients, priding itself on its ability to produce and supply top-quality music, whether original or library, that will enhance each client’s production. Megatrax’s experienced team delivers personalized and highly professional customer service coupled with access to one of the finest and most comprehensive production music catalogs in the world.

Megatrax Music
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