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Metric Halo Introduces LIO-8 Converter, Processor, Interface

At the 2010 Musikmesse show in Frankfurt, Germany, Metric Halo announced its new LIO-8 multichannel AD/DA converter, processor and interface. The LIO-8 is based on Metric Halo’s ULN-8 technology platform. Equally at home in a mastering suite, mix suite or in a recording studio with external preamps, Metric Halo says that the LIO-8 promises conversion performance that matches the ULN-8’s performance.

The LIO-8 includes Metric Halo’s 2d Signal Processing bundle of essential signal processing plug-ins as a standard feature. The full +DSP plug-in suite can be added at any time via a software license—or, as with all Metric Halo products, users can temporarily acquire a +DSP license while being used in a larger system with any other +DSP licensed unit.

Users can add ULN-R mic preamps to the LIO-8 after purchase in either 4- or 8-channel blocks. At the time of initial purchase, users can also order the LIO-8 with four or eight ULN-R preamps .

When used in conjunction with a user’s DAW of choice, transducers and, if needed, preamps, the LIO-8 is said to be a one-stop solution for editing, mixing and mastering suites. Metric Halo states that even if users have a DAW or recording system that does not support the LIO-8 FireWire interface, the unit’s stand-alone operation and standard AES and analog interfaces allow it to serve as the audio front end and monitor controller for Pro Tools, stand-alone and PC-based recording systems.

The single-rackspace LIO-8 weighs 5.7 pounds and includes eight channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192kHz A/D; 10 channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192kHz D/A; two channels of hi-Z direct input for instruments; an 192kHz AES interface (single wire) with eight inputs and eight outputs; a full-featured front panel offering a tactile control surface for stand-alone and connected operation; eight channels of analog domain send (active split before conversion); Metric Halo’s exclusive per-channel selectable Character; word clock in and out; digitally-controlled analog-domain 7.1 monitor control; 15-segment precision metering; SMPTE I/O channels; MIDI I/O for direct connect of Mackie Control protocol control surface; integrated mixing and deep instantiable DSP processing with basic plug-in bundle; FireWire interfacing with stable, low-latency drivers supporting FireWire 400 and FireWire 800; and 25-watt power performance (DC powerable).

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