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Metric Halo at the Post Position

Senior mixer/designer at Washington D.C.-based Henninger Media Services uses Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip as the cornerstone for his post-production work station.

Time is of the essence in audio post-production, where a busy studio might have several completely different projects pass through in a single day. For Brad McIlvaine, senior mixer/designer at the Washington, D.C.–based audio design and mix division of Henninger Media Services, Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip plug-in is the cornerstone of his workflow.

“ChannelStrip is the go-to plug in my collection,” says McIlvaine, who reports that he typically starts a project with ChannelStrip assigned to every channel. “In post-production, EQ is crucial, while compression needs to be delicate at times and hard at others. ChannelStrip is the one plug-in that I don’t feel I need to change depending on what sound source I’m working with.

“I simply open ChannelStrip and then I can just grab the EQ point or compressor level,” he continues. “Once I grab what I’m trying to adjust, I don’t even need to look at the display. I simply move my mouse and let my ears tune it in. The feedback from the visuals is just tremendous. It’s very intuitive. The interface is so fluid that I can easily get things dialed in and setup in a flash. It’s super-easy.”

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