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Meyer Sound to Host Audio Seminars in U.S., Abroad

Meyer Sound audio seminar held in Hong Kong

Meyer Sound has announced its international education schedule for August through October 2009, with seminars to be held in Mexico City; Toronto; Los Angeles; Montabaur, Germany; Seville and Madrid, Spain; Duivendrecht, Netherlands; and Osimo Stazione, Italy. Some seminars will be taught in the local languages, including Spanish and German, while qualified translators will interpret others in real time.

Meyer Sound education puts heavy emphasis on the science of audio and practice in live sound applications. The upcoming seminars will cover core audio principles encompassing sound system design and alignment, line array theory, equalization, delay and acoustical prediction with the company’s MAPP Online Pro. Other courses explore system measurement and optimization, FFT analysis, filters and phase relationships at an advanced level with practical reference to the use of Meyer Sound’s SIM 3 audio analyzer.

Led by an instructors who are active sound reinforcement specialists, similar sessions were hosted in recent months in Nigeria, Lithuania, France, Spain, Chile, Australia, Hong Kong and the U.S. Large groups of industry professionals and students took advantage of the opportunity to further their understanding of audio theory and engage in an open forum discussing the challenges and solutions in touring and other live event applications.

“Meyer Sound seminars can bring even the inexperienced users up to speed on the most important subjects in audio,” says Arturas Krasauskas, an attendee of the “Line Array Design and Application” seminar in Lithuania. “My staff is now doing a better job at system design and alignment. In the long run, I think these seminars put us in a better position to achieve customer satisfaction and improve our business. It is also a great way to familiarize with Meyer systems and really hear how good properly tuned systems can sound.”

Meyer Sound audio seminar held in Germany

Since its first seminar in 1984, Meyer Sound has expanded the scale of its education program, including a growing international instructor base, and actively devising new ways to meet the increasing demand for high-level training in sound reinforcement. In addition to the previously mentioned curriculum, the program includes courses on audio show control with Matrix3 and the popular mixing workshop led by veteran audio engineer Buford Jones, as well as “Practical Training: Methods and Applications,” a new seminar offering techniques for setting up systems quickly and efficiently. Meyer Sound also partners with universities and industry organizations in offering training and scholarship opportunities in conjunction with institutions such as ESAMA in Spain.

“The international success of our program tells us that members of the audio community appreciate the importance in continuing to hone their skills and knowledge of the precision tools available to them,” says Gavin Canaan, education programs manager at Meyer Sound. “And since the emphasis of our seminars is on science, not on marketing, and on the real world outside the classroom, we believe we are providing the industry with valuable professional development that our participants can apply in their day-to-day work.”

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