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Meyer Sound Launches MINA Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound announces MINA, the newest and smallest member of its MILO family of self-powered line array loudspeakers, which includes MILO, MICA and M’elodie. MINA is designed for live sound and installation applications in smaller venues that face size and weight limitations, such as theaters, ballrooms, and houses of worship, and is said to offer the same characteristics that define other members of the MILO family loudspeakers.

MINA is less than 18.5 inches wide and produces up to 128dB SPL at one meter. Its operating frequency ranges from 75 to 18k Hz over a wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area. In addition to sightline advantages, each MINA loudspeaker weighs 47 pounds, a benefit for integrators working with historic theatres and other venues with strict rigging requirements.

Meyer Sound states that like all of its loudspeakers designed and built in Berkeley, Calif., the low-distortion MINA exhibits the cabinet-to-cabinet consistency essential for a line array to accurately project energy where it is needed. MINA can be installed as main arrays, and can integrate seamlessly with M’elodie and MICA line arrays as fill subsystems. Offering flexible rigging options and a self-powered system, MINA is designed as a versatile and transport-friendly option for AV events and tours.

In a Meyer Sound-patented trapezoidal enclosure, a three-inch high-frequency compression driver is coupled to a low-distortion, constant directivity horn through a new acoustical combining manifold derived from the proprietary REM ribbon emulation manifold. Two 6.5-inch neodymium magnet cone drivers produce the low and midrange frequencies. MINA deploys Meyer Sound’s new three-channel Class-D power amplifier and has 950 watts of output (1,900W peak). The optional RMS remote monitoring software reports all operating parameters of each amplifier to the system operator’s computer. Other available options include weather protection and custom colors.

Meyer Sound says that it will begin shipping the MINA line array loudspeaker in June 2010. For more information, contact Meyer Sound at [email protected] or visit Meyer Sound’s MINA page.