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Meyer Sound to Release Loudspeaker Data for Use with EASE

Meyer Sound will release high-resolution measurement data for its loudspeakers in the GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) format, enabling users of EASE design and simulation software to do system design modeling using Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers. The GLL format stores data in considerably higher resolution than the EASE SPK database used by previous versions of EASE, resulting in more precise predictions.

Meyer Sound’s patented MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program will continue to be the preferred prediction tool when designing Meyer Sound systems. Available at no charge to qualified users, MAPP Online Pro provides highly accurate predictions and valuable features including a rigging calculator, virtual EQ and a variety of viewing options for system designers to anticipate and avoid coverage problems, eliminating onsite adjustments.

“The utility of acoustical prediction programs depends on several factors, including the accuracy of the measurement data used to model the individual loudspeakers, the consistency of the product from cabinet to cabinet,” says Meyer Sound CEO John Meyer, “and finally on the quality of the algorithms used to process that data. With its adoption of higher-resolution GLL data, EASE has become a much more useful platform for accurate system modeling, enabling its users to evaluate Meyer Sound loudspeaker performance simulations with a good degree of confidence.”

“We are happy to provide those who find EASE a comfortable and familiar tool with a new range of high-performance loudspeaker options when formulating their designs,” adds Meyer. “We strive to give customers all the tools they need to effectively evaluate and specify Meyer Sound loudspeakers.” Meyer Sound states that it will release GLL data for its most popular products by May 2009, with all current product data available in that format by June 2009.

Meyer Sound pioneered the use of high-resolution complex data in creating loudspeaker models with its MAPP Online acoustical prediction software—a patented method of providing acoustical response predictions in an Internet-enabled client-server system, offering significant advantages over self-contained programs running entirely on a user’s machine. Since then, Meyer Sound has made considerable improvements in MAPP Online Pro. All measurements of Meyer Sound loudspeakers are performed using a custom automated loudspeaker rotation device adapted from a high-precision astronomical telescope mechanism in the company’s own anechoic chamber, one of the firsts in the industry. This exactitude in the measurement data, along with the extreme consistency found from cabinet to cabinet in Meyer Sound loudspeakers, guarantees that the predictions will closely match actual performance.

With a registered user base that has more than doubled in the past eight months, MAPP Online Pro development and upgrade efforts continue to be a top priority for Meyer Sound’s software development team.

The EASE software program was created by Acoustic Design Ahnert, and is developed and supported by the Ahnert Feistel Media Group of Berlin, Germany.

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