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Meyer Sound Releases MAPP Online Pro Version 2.7

Meyer Sound has released Version 2.7 of its free, patented MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software. The new version incorporates improvements to functionality, user interface, and speed, and adds data for the UPJunior ultracompact VariO loudspeaker and the Stella-4 installation loudspeaker for Constellation electroacoustic architecture.

MAPP Online Pro also includes Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker management system, CueStation control and programming software for the Matrix3 audio show control system, and the RMS remote monitoring system.

The new version offers an augmented ability to build groundstacked arrays, a solo feature similar to that found in the company’s RMS remote monitoring system, and expanded Loudspeaker System options. The user interface offers increased visibility of crucial information and enhanced access to key functions. The new Device Configuration window enables users to organize their system by assigning a unique address to each of three virtual microphone switchers and five system processors. The update also adds controls found in the System Map of the Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker management system, including gain, delay, polarity and mute.

Additionally, prediction calculations in MAPP Online Pro V. 2.7 have been accelerated by optimizations performed on the MAPP Online Pro servers at Meyer Sound headquarters.

MAPP Online Pro runs under Windows, Macintosh OS X and Linux operating systems and is available at no charge.

For more information or to apply for a free download of the program, click here. For more information on Meyer Sound software, click here.