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Meyer Sound Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against VUE Audiotechnik

Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc. in Berkeley, Calif., announces that it has settled the lawsuit it filed last June against VUE Audiotechnik, LLC of Escondido, Calif. The lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California.

In its suit, Meyer Sound alleged that VUE infringed Meyer Sound’s iconic wave trademark, and asserted other claims against VUE and a former Meyer Sound employee currently working for VUE.

“This legal action was necessary to protect Meyer Sound’s intellectual property rights and to prevent confusion in the marketplace,” says Helen Meyer, co-founder and executive vice president of Meyer Sound. “We are pleased with the settlement. It resolves issues related to our company’s valuable trade secrets, and eliminates the possibility that people might be misled into assuming that VUE or its products are associated with or endorsed by Meyer Sound.”

Meyer Sound states that the terms of the settlement agreement are confidential.

In response to Meyer Sound’s announcement of this settlement, VUE Audiotechnik Executive Vice President Jim Sides posted the following letter on the company’s Website and on VUE Audiotechnik’s Facebook page:

An Open Letter from Jim Sides Regarding the Meyer Sound Lawsuit
This suit was a unexpected distraction, and it demonstrates Meyer’s clear concern for the impact we’re making in the marketplace. I left Meyer on great terms, and have nothing but gratitude for the opportunities presented to me during my tenure there.

Success in our industry is rooted in relationships, and while most of the established brands have grown, this essential focus has been ignored. What’s more, VUE is forging entirely new ground through unique technologies utilizing beryllium-based transducers and advanced subwoofer topologies. VUE is not your father’s Oldsmobile and shouldn’t be confused as such.

In the end, innovation and a return to long-term customer relationships are the core principles from which VUE Audiotechnik was founded, and I cannot think of a clearer validation that we’re on the right track than when an established player grasps at any opportunity to slow our momentum.

I speak to countless customers every day, and I’m humbled by the positive and enthusiastic response to what we’re doing. It’s clear that the industry is ready for a nimble and passionate company to meet their needs once again. I’m proud that VUE stands ready to be exactly that.

Jim Sides, EVP, VUE Audiotechnik

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