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Miami’s Drummer Boy Sound Delivers Audio for Family Fun Night

Miami-based Drummer Boy Sound deployed Dynacord Cobra compact line arrays and EV monitors, amps, mics and fills for Family Fun Night, a Halloween 2006 event held at Miami’s Christ the Rock Church. The event drew more than 12,000 people from South Florida’s Dade and Broward counties and was headlined by the band Contagious.

“Last year we were a smaller company, and this was a smaller event,” says Drummer Boy Sound’s Harold Cummings. “But word spreads quickly when you sound good! Like this show, our company has grown a great deal in the last 12 months, and we came back equipped to up the ante once again. We pooled our Cobra-4 and Cobra-2 rigs for the main P.A., flying five Cobra TOP boxes per side, ground-stacking three Cobra SUB and three Cobra PWH subs per side.”

The outdoor stage was set on a 40-by-40-foot mound on the church’s four-acre campus. “You could hear the bass tight and true three football fields away,” Cummings adds, “and we flew just five boxes per side over the subs—you’d have to hear it for yourself before believing such small arrays could throw clean audio over such a large area.

“The EV equipment also sounded superb; the band loved the eight QRx monitors onstage and the SxA360 sidefills,” Cummings continues. “We ran our trusty CP3000S amplifiers alongside the dedicated Cobra drive racks, and also used EV N/D967 microphones. This system spec works for us every time, for a wide range of events and shows.”

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