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Microtech Gefell Introduces M1030 Studio Condenser Mic

New from Microtech Gefell is the M 1030, a large diaphragm studio condenser microphone featuring a cardioid pattern and ultra-low noise performance. Designed for vocals or narration, as well as instrumental recording (solo or in stereo pairs) on guitars, piano, percussion, wind and string instruments, this side-address design exhibits a smooth frequency response with a slight presence boost in the 8k to 14k Hz range.

The M 1030’s cardioid polar response exhibits a high degree of rejection for sounds impinging from the rear or sides of the microphone, providing excellent isolation from nearby instruments or noisy sound sources. The M 1030 operates on standard 48VDC phantom voltage and has a green LED on the mic’s front face that indicates the mic is powered up.

Under the grille, the large-diameter capsule feeds an electronic impedance converter based on a newly designed circuit topology. This transformerless design reduces the noise floor to a low (7 dBA, DIN EN 60 651) while raising the maximum output capacity, resulting in a 135dB dynamic range. RFI susceptibility is very low. To reduce sensitivity to mechanical impact and structure-borne noise, the mic capsule and electronics are elastically suspended inside the compact metal housing.

The M 1030 ships with a wooden case and swivel stand mount. An optional EA 92 elastic suspension (shown in photo) with A 93 adapter is available to further attenuate noise in extreme situations.

For more information about the Microtech Gefell M 1030, download a brochure in PDF format or visit