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MIX AES PANEL: Is Your Job Killing You? (Or Just Making You Deaf?)

Attention, workaholics! You love your job, and you give it everything you’ve got. But how much is too much? At what point is extreme dedication hazardous to your health? Mix editor Sarah Jones brings together top producers and experts from HEAR, the House Ear Institute and Musicares for a frank discussion about the hazardous effects of all of those long hours in the studio or on the road. Learn how to strike that elusive balance between work success and well-being, while protecting your most valuable tool—your ears. The panel takes place Monday, October 8, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Javits Center Room 1E10.

The panelists are Andy Vermiglio (House Ear Institute), Kathy Peck (Hearing Awareness and Education for Rockers), DeeDee Acquisto (Musicares), Dave Hampton (engineer/producer for Herbie Hancock, Prince) and Craig Schumacher (studio owner/producer/founder, TapeOpCon).

For more coverage of health issues that are specific to professional audio careers, and for expert solutions, check out the feature articles in Mix‘s May 2007 issue, which are available at