Mixing Consoles


Allen & Heath PA Series

In response to customer requests for pro-quality mixers for smaller shows, Allen & Heath shows the first two consoles in its PA Series, the PA12-CP and PA20-CP (12 and 20-channel) powered mixers. Both consoles include a Constant Power amplifier, providing 500 watts per side into either 4 or 8 ohms without loss of power.

Allen & Heath iDR Series

Allen & Heath announces the iDR Series of audio mixers and processors for installed and live sound systems. The iDR Series features the iDR-8 audio mix processor, an 8-in/8-output digital mixer and processor in a 2U rack or desk-mount chassis. Allen & Heath will also show iDR-in and iDR-out expander options, plus a range of remote-control devices for building tailored iDR systems.
Dist. by Allen & Heath USA
Agoura Business Center East
5304 Derry Ave., #C
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

AMS Neve Logic MMC

The Dolby-approved Logic MMC will be demonstrated with a variety of product enhancements at AES. The console's 96kHz operation, XSP DSP engine and MIOS-96 I/O suite make the console a must-have for facilities requiring DFC feature power in a smaller footprint. The console is well-suited for post-production, film, DVD and music facilities alike.

AMS Neve 88R

Neve's successful 88R console is enhanced with new features and options: The cue mix output capacity is doubled; aux buses can be split at the center of the console for independent left-/right-hand side outputs; a mappable, automated dual-joystick option simplifies complex stereo and 5.1 pan movements; stereo panning is automatable; phantom center panning on the LCR bus is offered; external signals can be introduced directly on the mix buses; the remote mic amp control software is enhanced; and more. Also, the 88R's Remote Mic Preamps (shown above), which are already in use with 88R consoles worldwide, are now offered as stand-alone modules.
100 Sixth Ave., Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10013
212/965-1400; fax 212/965-3739

Audient Aztec Live Console

This console is completely modular, with a new tubular, lightweight frame and 32/40/48-input channels. Features include 12 VCA sub groups, VCA solo, 12x8 matrix, eight audio sub-group buses, eight mono/two stereo aux buses and LCR outputs. A stereo ambience input on the master section facilitates in-ear monitoring, while scene automation and peak LED meters on groups, matrix and auxiliary outputs simplify/optimize gain structure. Competitively priced from $39,700 to $54,900 (MSRP).
Dist. by The ATI Group
8301 Patuxent Range Rd., Suite A1
Jessup, MD 20794
301/776-7879; fax 301/776-5025

Cadac S-Type Live Console

Cadac's new entry-level mixing console, the S-Type, combines Cadac quality in a small, cost-effective package, setting a new standard for a compact, high-performance mixer at an affordable cost. USA price is approximately $22,000. Typical specification: 25-way frame, with 16 mono inputs; eight group/matrix/mono aux outputs and DC master faders; and an osc/comm module. With Cadac's unique frame design, any module slots into any position in the frame.
One New Street
Luton, Bedfordshire, UK LU1 5DX
(+44) 1 58/240-4202

Calrec Sigma 100

The Calrec Audio Sigma 100 is the company's second all-digital television production console, based on the proven architecture used in the Alpha 100. All channels include 4-band EQ, separate filters, compressor/limiter/expander, surround and stereo panning, and mix-minus outputs. Other features include four surround main outputs, 12 auxes, 24 MT and eight groups, with 5.1 and stereo monitoring.
Nutclough Mill
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK HX7 8EZ
(+44) 0 142/2842-159

Crest Performance CP-6210/CP-6220

The Crest Performance CP-6210 and CP-6220 are high-performance pro music program mixers. Designed in the style of classic DJ mixers, these offer improved performance specs, including a low phase shift (minimum signal smear) design. The CP-6210 offers basic 6-channel stereo mixing and signal monitoring; the CP-6220 adds EQ control and assignment, as well as crossfade capabilities to each input channel. Pricing: TBA.
16-00 Pollitt Dr.
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
201/909-8700; fax 201/909-8744

DiGiCo UK Limited D5 Live

DiGiCo announces the launch of the ultimate large-format digital mixing console touring package, the D5 Live. The fully flightcased system can be configured as a 56- or 96-input console, both incorporating an industry-praised, user-friendly surface with the added benefits of optical-to-stage, digital TFT touchscreens and full-function processing on every channel. Visit our AES demo room to experience the future of live digital performance.
The School House
4 Dorking Rd.
Epsom, Surrey, UK KT18 7LX
(+44) 0 137/2845-600

Euphonix Max Air

Euphonix will demo Max Air, a new digital audio mixing console specifically designed for on-air and live-to-tape broadcast production. The console is extremely competitively priced for its rich digital feature set and advanced technology. The Max Air console is based on the proven technology and software of the Euphonix System 5 console; it shares the same DSP core and I/O as System 5 and includes much of the same processing and control software.

Euphonix System 5 V. 2.6 software

Euphonix will demonstrate Version 2.6 software for System 5. More than 100 System 5 consoles have been sold worldwide. This high-performance, 24-bit/96kHz digital audio mixing system comprises a control surface, digital-processing core, digital and analog interfaces and eMix system-management software. The control surface follows traditional conventions and layout, so learning/use of the console is much easier. Effects returns include the same number of buses, aux sends, EQ, filters and dynamics—all processed at 40-bit.
220 Portage Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306
650/855-0400; fax 650/855-0410

Fairlight DREAM Console

This pro digital audio production system configured as a large-format mixing console offers Fairlight's QDC Technology engine. Features: 48 tracks of 24-bit, 96kHz recording with Binnacle editing; up to 192 inputs to the mix; 12 aux buses up to 7.1 each; eight sub-buses up to 7.1 each; multiformat main bus to 7.1; up to 48 multitrack buses; real-time 6-band EQ and 2-stage dynamics on all channels; dynamics on all buses; enhanced surround panning; up to 84 faders; total dynamic automation with moving touch-sensitive rotary encoders and faders; and a modular, customizable control surface. From $107,485.
844 N Seward St.
Hollywood, CA 90038
323/465-0070; fax 323/465-0080

Harrison by GLW ST2

The ST2 offers a new touch-sensitive control surface, new PCI-based IKIS automation and Harrison's proven 768-channel digital.engine. The TD Series is a powerful digital film/video mixing system offered in a traditional console format to facilitate ease of use. Features: progressive, ergonomic control surface; touch-sensitive shaft encoders; backlit displays; multi-operator options; multisurface options; I/O format options; customization for specific applications via the powerful IKIS platform; up to 168 summing buses for extensive routing/mix capabilities; dynamic channel profiling; enhanced EQ/panning; signal ID; and up to 384x16 monitor matrices.

Harrison by GLW MPC3D

The MPC3-D has a new control surface, new PCI-based IKIS automation and Harrison's proven 768-channel digital.engine. The MPC3-D is a radically different, powerful digital mixing system presented as a traditional film console to facilitate ease of use. Features: multi-operator options; multisurface options; I/O format options; customization for specific applications via the powerful IKIS platform; up to 168 summing buses for unprecedented routing and mix capabilities; dynamic channel profiling; enhanced EQ/panning; signal ID; and up to 384x16 monitor matrices.
1024 Firestone Parkway
Nashville, TN 37086
615/641-7200; fax 615/641-7224

JLCooper Mini

JLCooper announces the Mini, the world's smallest compact controller for DAWs, including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, Xtrack, Soundscape, Digital Performer and others. This sub-miniature control console has 32 physical faders, each with dedicated buttons for Mute, Solo, Track Arming and more. It also offers transport controls, function keys, a weighted jog/shuttle wheel and rotary knobs (for controlling pan, EQ and plug-ins), and a footswitch connector for start/stop and punch. The Mini packs all this into a 9x7.5-inch package for $499.95. MIDI, USB and other versions will be offered.
142 Arena St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
310/322-9990; fax 310/335-0110

Kamesan KS-342 Compact Mixer

This feature-packed 4-channel mixer for film/video location recording includes 12/48VDC phantom power, LCF, internal oscillator, VU or peak meter option, PFL, MS facility, compressor, ganging, sub-mixing and digital out. An all-weather carry case is available, and options include the KS-6001 submixer plug-in module, which provides an additional four input channels and the KS-6002 EQ/Compressor module. MSRP: $3,850.

Kamesan KS-T2000 Compact Mixer

The KS-T2000 3-channel mixer is a lightweight location mixer offering 12/48VDC phantom power, LCF, multilevel stereo output, oscillator and switchable headphone monitoring with EE input. The mixer operates for six hours on four AA cells. An optional soft case provides storage and all-weather access to controls and connectors. MSRP: $1,700.
Dist. by HHB
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
310/319-1111; fax 310/319-1311

Mackie Designs Mackie Control

With an automated touch-sensitive control surface, Mackie Control is a 9-fader (eight channels and master) MIDI controller that provides in-depth mixing, editing, automation and navigational control for any supported digital audio workstation. The Mackie Control adheres to a compact, desktop-style design, is supported by a plethora of DAW manufacturers, and offers a full range of pro features and controls.
16220 Woodinville-Redmond Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
425/487-4333; fax 425/487-4337

Mixed Logic M24

The M24 remote-control/mixing surface features 24 motorized faders and 53 encoders. Software Version 1.4 adds in-depth support for Cakewalk SONAR and Digidesign Pro Tools. Software released by Fall AES will add additional programs to the growing number of supported hosts. MSRP: $3,499.
6507 E. Vancey Dr.
Brook Park, OH 44142
440/826-1676; fax 440/826-1399

Otari DB-10 Broadcast Console

The DB-10 digital broadcast console can be configured with up to 10 input channels, including A/B input switching. Features include snapshot automation, internal project management, 3-band equalization, comp/limiters on each channel (with up to 20 presets), programmable input delay, overload indication and two mono N-1 buses for telephone hybrids. The DB-10 is equipped with 24-bit analog and digital I/Os, and supports all sample rates from 32 to 96 kHz, including sample-rate conversion. Price: $8,500.
8236 Remmet Ave.
Canoga Park, CA 91304
800/877-0577; fax 818/594-7208

Peavey Club Mix

Peavey's $699.99 Club Mix is a 4-channel, 8-input DJ mixer. The innovative Cue section allows monitoring of effects or samples in the headphones from any of the inputs before sending them to the house. The A/B Compare switch allows a visual comparison of signals assigned to each side of the crossfader. A "Phat" EQ control reduces mid-frequencies and boosts bass and highs. The mixer's paint and knobs react to blacklight.
411 A St.
Meridian, MS 39305
601/468-1410; fax 601/486-1214

Rane Empath

The Empath mixer is the first 3-channel, 10-inch format mixer to offer big board features and studio-quality sound. The mixer is feature-packed, yet easy and intuitive to use. Grandmaster Flash is responsible for many of the important features, control locations and even the name. Empath implies understanding, awareness and sensitivity to DJ's needs. The Empath mixer is designed for professional DJs and applications such as clubs, broadcast, competition, remix and live sound. Retail: $1,199.
10802 47th Ave. W.
Mukilteo, WA 98275
425/355-6000; fax 425/347-7757

SSL XL9000 K Series Scoring System

Solid State Logic announces new developments to its flagship XL9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console, increasing its integration with the company's TEC Award-winning 956 Film Scoring System. These combine the benefits of the XL's advanced sonic performance with the application-focused features of the 956 scoring system. Other benefits include enhancements to the performance and display of the K Series' regional fader trim function and new total recall and faders display features.

Solid State Logic Avant Plus SP (Shortform Post)

This compact-configuration Avant console package—designed specifically for short-form post applications—has new control surface features, allowing up to 192 mix inputs to be controlled from a 16-fader console. External workstations can be controlled and edited without leaving the surround listening sweet spot. Combined with Avant's integrated nonlinear automation and comprehensive surround monitoring, the SP package can produce commercials with ease, yet still cope with drama-scale productions when the opportunity arises.
Spring Hill Rd.
Begbroke, Oxford, UK OX5 1RU
(+44) 0-186/584-2300

Sony DMX-P01 Portable Mixer

Designed for high-performance ENG/EFP on-location applications, Sony's DMX-P01 is a 4-input portable digital mixer with 24-bit, 48/96kHz AD/DA conversion. An LCD allows easy setup of the onboard digital limiter/compressor and EQ.

Sony SIU-100 and DMBK-S101

Sony's new mixing products include the SIU-100, a MADI-based I/O system that has a 160x160 audio matrix with front panel or Ethernet control, 100 recallable snapshots and available redundant power supply. The DMBK-S101 is an 8-channel, remote-controlled mic preamp. The SIU-RM101 is a dedicated remote-control unit for the DMBK-S101 that can control up to 56 microphones from 300 meters away.
1 Sony Dr.
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Soundcraft MH4 56-Channel

Soundcraft has topped off its MH4 family of multipurpose live performance mixing consoles with a new 56-mono/4-stereo-channel frame size. The design topology of the MH4 allows it to serve as either a dedicated FOH or monitor desk, or as a combination of both. The console features 20 auxiliary buses, new mic amp and EQ designs, eight VCA and eight mute groups with snapshot automation, true LCR panning and outputs, and integral 20x8 matrix. MSRP: $42,995.
1449 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37217
615/360-0471; fax 615/360-0273

Sound Devices 442N

The 442N is a new variation of the popular 442 field mixer with a Norbic scale PPM meter. The 442N includes all of the recent improvements to the 442, including: three-color GaN LED output meters, four levels of meter brightness, peak/hold metering option, Hirose 4-pin DC jack, and mic/line switchable TA3 master and direct outputs. The 442N and 442 retail for $3,195.
300 Wengel Dr.
Reedsburg, WI 53959
608/524-0625; fax 608/524-0655

Soundtracs DS-3B

The Soundtracs DS-3B is a 32-bit, floating-point digital console, with each of the 64 or 96 channels having 4-band parametric EQ, two filters and dynamics sections. The innovative worksurface, available with either 24 or 32 faders, incorporates touch-screen technology in conjunction with 25 or 33 motorized faders. Operating at 96 kHz or 48 kHz with 24-bit conversion, it provides 32 output buses, each with limiters for stereo, LCRS and 5.1 formatting. Complete with subtractive mix-minus GPO, GPI and full redundant PSUs, helping to make this the most powerful digital broadcast console in its class.
Dist. by DiGiCo UK
The School House, 4 Dorking Rd.
Epsom, Surrey, UK KT18 7LX
(+44) 01 372/845-600

SPL MMC-1 Multichannel Mastering Console

The Sound Performance Lab MMC-1 operates in the center of a mastering environment, handling tasks such as speaker management, source connectivity, audio metering, track assignment, master and monitor level setting, and automated insert routing of external processors. Thanks to SPL's Supra op-amps (120V operating voltage, S/N 116 dB, dynamic range 150 dB), the MMC-1 will not "bottleneck" using high-resolution PCM or DSD technologies.
Sohlweg 55
Niederkruechten, Germany 41372
(+4) 921/639-8340

STK Pro Audio VM11TD

This 9-channel, 3x300-watt tri-mode powered mixer offers onboard digital effects. Each channel features a 3-band EQ and two aux sends. Master section features one stereo aux return and triple 7-band graphic EQs. Power amps can be configured for stereo FOH plus monitor, or bridged mono FOH plus monitor. There is also a built-in crossover with subwoofer output. MSRP: $999.95.

STK Pro Audio VX1443R

The VX1443R is a rackmountable, 14-input (10 XLR), 4-bus mixer. Channels have 4-band fixed EQ and four aux sends. Channels are routable to subgroups; subgroups are routable to L/R. Also featured are two stereo aux returns, AFL/PFL, onboard 7-band graphic EQ and a subwoofer output. MSRP: $829.95.
Dist. by Redwood Music Corp.
Box 901705
Sandy, UT 84090
801/947-5750; fax 801/947-5752

Studer Vista Remote Bay

The Vista Remote Bay expands the power of Studer's acclaimed new Vista 7 digital console by providing the same functionality of one of the Vista 7's standard 10-channel bays. The Remote Bay expands the number of available faders, and its operation and navigation through the DSP is identical to the console channels. The unit can also operate up to 400 meters away, as an independent controller with its own choice of channels to be controlled, for applications such as submixing in a TV studio or an OB van, or as an onstage/in-audience remote to the main console in live applications, location broadcasts, etc.
30 Althardstrasse
Regensdorf, Switzerland 8105
(+4) 101/870-7511

Voyager Sound GraphiMix PRO

Voyager Sound's GraphiMix is a versatile audio mix surface technology that gives real-time visual and aural control of mix productions. It is truly a universal mixing interface. GraphiMix employs a user-definable onscreen mix surface with image or text icons to represent individual sound elements. Supports multiple stereo and surround sound mixes simultaneously. GraphiMix software improves artistic control while significantly reducing production time. Ideal for post-production, surround, sound reinforcement and lighting applications.
95 Newton St.
Weston, MA 02493
781/893-2574; fax 781/893-2574