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ALLEN & HEATH GL2800M: The critically acclaimed GL Series has expanded with the addition of the GL2800M, a dedicated monitor console offering 16 mixes for wedges and in-ears. The GL2800M can mix up to eight stereo IEMs or any combination of wedges and in-ears with mono/stereo assignment per mix. PAFL Logic includes PFL override AFL, stereo AFL and PFL-to-wedge capabilities. Other features include four mute groups and built-in mic splitter with ground-lift switching. AES booth #318.

ALLEN & HEATH XONE:3D: Allen & Heath introduces the XONE:3D, a revolutionary performance DJ controller that seamlessly integrates computer-based software and digital media into the traditional DJ workspace. The XONE:3D combines a fully featured, professional analog DJ mixer based on the XONE:92 with a comprehensive MIDI control system and a high-end multichannel USB soundcard.


ALTO GHIBLI16FX: Alto’s new Ghibli mixer sets a new precedent in small-format mixer design. Its 11x8x1-inch chassis offers 16 channels of mixing capability. Four microphone inputs offer three bands of parametric EQ with a mid sweep, a selectable preset compressor/de-esser and 100Hz rumble filter. Sixteen preset 24-bit DSP, which includes variable reverb, round out the feature set. The GHIBLI16FX has a retail of $189 and is available from The Yorkville Group.


AMS NEVE DFC PS/1 POWERSTATION: The DFC PS/1 PowerStation features unbeatable Neve sound, sample rates up to superhigh-definition 384kHz, Star Command simultaneous control of multiple workstations, high-resolution TFT metering, 384 fader paths, reconform from picture change lists and insertion of premixes into larger mixes. PS/1 is a complete system with integrated surround monitoring and machine control. The DFC Gemini and PS/1 are the power behind world cinema. AES booth #438.


APB-DYNASONICS MIXSWITCH: MixSwitch provides the ability to easily switch between primary digital or analog and a backup console, or between headliner and opening act consoles in concert/presentation situations (in Switch mode or Sum mode). In club applications, it allows selecting between front-of-house and DJ mixers into common audio systems. MixSwitch will be available in the 4th quarter of 2006. AES booth #1442.


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ARGOSY MIRAGE FOR SSL AWS 900+: Argosy’s Mirage furniture housing will transform your SSL AWS 900+. Phil Wagner, president of Solid State Logic, says, “I like what the Argosy Mirage does for the AWS 900+; it really looks great. The Mirage gives you ideal ergonomics. It has all the right features—perfect for integrating additional SSL signal processing equipment at arms length.” Designed for the AWS 900+, the Argosy Mirage furniture solution creates a powerful presence in the heart of your control room. Price: $4,995.


CADAC S-DIGITAL: Reflecting Cadac’s 20-plus-year history, the S-Digital features a surface architecture derived from the Cadac J-Type analog console. With key audio and control parameters accessible in under a button press, the Cadac S-Digital combines instant usability and familiarity with other Cadac hallmarks: superb sound, build quality, reliability and unrivaled return on investment. The S-Digital enters production in October, in a 72/64 base configuration.


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DAN DUGAN SOUND DESIGN MODEL E: The Model E is a half-rack, 1U-high Dugan automatic mic mixer with minimal controls. Speech system performance matches the D Series. Additional controls are available via an embedded Web server. I/O is connected by TRS insert cables or ADAT optical cables. Can be linked for up to 64 inputs (analog I/O only), and it can link with Models D-2 and D-3. Power is 9 to 24 VDC, or 9 to 18 VAC. AES booth #1119.


DANGEROUS MUSIC D-BOX: Featuring eight channels of Dangerous Music analog summing technology, D-Box is also equipped with a programmable monitor control section with two speaker outputs, two digital inputs with onboard D/A conversion for digital sources, talkback, two headphone outputs and an aux analog input. D-Box’s programmability allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple input sources and level offsets. AES booth #1335.


DIGICO V. 4 SOFTWARE: To evaluate the much-awaited V. 4 software update for our digital consoles, come by our stand, booth #1202.


DIGIDESIGN VENUE UPGRADES: New are Digital Stage Input (DSI) and Digital Stage Output (DSO) card options for VENUE. A single DSI provides eight channels of digital input for the VENUE Stage Rack, either through four AES/EBU pairs or a single ADAT interface. One DSO card offers eight AES/EBU output channels and ADAT Lightpipe, with both active at all times for simplified simultaneous “splits” to recording/monitoring/broadcast feeds. AES booth #826.


EUPHONIX SYSTEM 5-MC: The System 5-MC is a DAW controller based on the Euphonix System 5 control surface design. System 5-MC tightly integrates via Ethernet with any EuCon application such as Nuendo, Logic Pro and Pyramix, as well as HUI and Mackie Control protocol applications such as Pro Tools. The control surface can be fitted with eight to 48 channel strips and includes the MC Media Application Controller for master console functions and integral control of the DAWs. AES booth #902.


FAIRLIGHT CC-1: Fairlight introduces 21st-century multimedia technology. This groundbreaking invention redefines the price/performance ratio of multimedia platforms and raises the bar in terms of performance quality and creative operation. Delivering more channels, more buses and faster processing with lower latency, this new technology makes all other established processing paradigms obsolete. AES booth #326.


LAWO MC290: Designed to take the technology of Lawo’s mc266 mixer to a new level, the mc290 digital console has a redesigned graphical layout and user interface. It integrates Lawo’s Star2 topology, providing total console redundancy in no-fail environments. The mc290 modular design can be adapted for various applications. AES booth #636.


LOGITEK ARTISAN: The Artisan, a modular control surface for Logitek’s audio engine router, is designed for advanced radio production, small performance group mixing or TV applications. Multiple master and submaster buses, onboard dynamics processing/EQ, 5.1-compatible operation and flexible monitor controls. AES booth #1217.


MIDAS XL8: This open-architecture, cross-platform, audio control/distribution system for handling all audio aspects of a live show features a 72-fader/96kHz system with the reliability of distributed pathways, redundant routers, dual stage boxes and multiple DSP engines for fail-safe operation. MidasNET protocol provides low, ideal-for-IEM latency. Expandable I/O stage boxes each include 24 remoteable mic preamps with three analog mic splits linked to 96 channel inputs (plus 16 mic/line aux ins).


RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS 5088: Designed by Mr. Rupert Neve from the ground up, incorporating his custom input and output transformers, and all-discrete circuitry, the new 5088 modular console is a powerful, expandable production desk with the sweet musical performance of Neve’s classic consoles. The 5088 features 16 channels of dual line inputs with custom transformer I/O (expandable in 16-channel increments), eight auxes, eight buses, 100mm faders, four effects returns, extensive monitoring capabilities and a thorough master section. AES booth #1306.


SOLID STATE LOGIC DUALITY: SSL’s new Duality console is a large-format analog music mixing console for those who love analog but work with digital. Designed to closely integrate with your workstation, Duality offers split signal path, Variable Harmonic Drive mic amp, E and G equalizers, peak or over-easy compression, VCA-style or moving fader automation, and multiple stereo or 5.1-channel panning—all with the SuperAnalogue K Series sound. AES booth #610.


SOUNDCRAFT VI6: Soundcraft’s Vi6 digital live sound console uses a derivation of Studer’s Vistonics interface (rotaries and switches mounted within the touchscreen surface) to enable engineers to quickly and intuitively operate the desk. Other Vi6 amenities include 64 available channels from within a compact 32-channel frame, motorized faders, 32 outputs (plus a stereo and mono mix) and 16 matrix outputs, 4-band fully parametric EQ and integral dynamics on all channels, Soundcraft FaderGlow and Harman HiQnet compatibility. AES booth #801/demo room 250.


STUDER VISTA 5: Vista 5 is a highly flexible digital mixer with a well-conceived control surface designed for broadcast production, live sound and performance venues. Among the desk’s many standout features are the award-winning Vistonics user interface, numerous output formats, Studer’s Virtual Surround Panning (VSP), robust redundancy capabilities, extensive static automation (snapshot filtering and editing) and cue list functionality—rounded off by mute groups and matrix buses—and Harman HiQnet compatibility. AES booth #801/demo room 250.


TASCAM DM-4800: This is the ultimate digital console for pro users who demand a flexible mix platform that configures to fit their needs. This 64-channel mixer features 24 buses, 12 aux sends per channel and 24 studio-grade mic preamps, providing enough inputs for a live event; more can be added using expansion cards with external preamps. A completely configurable routing system lets users repatch the board at the flick of a switch. AES booth #202.


TOFT AUDIO DESIGNS SERIES ATB: The Series ATB console represents a quantum leap in small-footprint console design. Available in 16, 24 and 32-channel configurations, the ATB features high-quality mic pre’s, Heritage EQ, six aux sends, direct outputs, eight stereo effects returns and inline monitoring for up to 88 channels available during mixdown. An optional digital I/O card enables the board to be interfaced directly with DAWs and other digital equipment. AES booth #1411.


TONELUX TR8, TR8+ BUS ASSIGN MODULES: Tonelux introduces the TR8 and TR8+ 8-channel bus assign modules to its extensive line of modular recording solutions. The TR8 and TR8+ can be used for buses, additional inputs, sends, IFB or mix-minus systems. Balanced +4dB in. Uses any of the Tonelux summing modules, TR8+, FX2+, SM2 or SM1 as a summing master. AES booth #532.


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TRIDENT DREAM 32: The perfect analog solution for your DAW is the Trident Dream 32 console. The original Trident sound, modular construction with a Sonicomp compressor in the master section and Trident sonic excellence from John Oram. AES booth #1118.


YAMAHA DM2000VCM: This console’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology can simulate analog circuitry, emulating the sounds of sought-after vintage gear—compressors, EQs and even tape machines. Onboard iSSP (Interactive Spatial Sound Processing) provides surround post effects and room acoustics that model reflection decay based on source directivity and room surface materials. Matrix sound processing converts source position data to parameters that control the output of each matrix channel and simulate distance-related decay through delay and filter processing. AES booth #102.


ZAXCOM DEVA MIX-12: Deva Mix-12 is a fully digital, 12-fader control surface that directly manages the audio mixer embedded within the Zaxcom Deva IV and V location recorders. Combined with either the Deva IV or V, Deva Mix-12 performs all location mix and record functions, reducing production costs by eliminating the need for expensive external mixing consoles. AES booth: #1425.


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