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Moby Guitarist Daron Murphy Chooses Soundelux ifet7 Microphone

Guitarist Daron Murphy (pictured) has been on tour with Moby promoting Moby’s album Hotel. While on tour in Santiago, Chile, Moby took his band into a studio to track his most popular material for a greatest hits album. In the studio, Murphy discovered the sound of the Neumann U87. He had already decided to build his own project studio when he returned home to Brooklyn, and was on the lookout for an all-purpose microphone.

“I wanted to build my project studio up slowly, and my philosophy is that it’s often a good idea to find a small company that makes equipment by hand and with love,” Murphy says. “I liked the U87 but it was out of my price range, and then I heard about the Soundelux ifet7 [phantom powered FET condenser microphone]. I checked it out and immediately purchased one from Vintage King Audio. It’s great!

“I like the fact that the ifet7 has a switch that allows you to change modes. One setting is great on vocals and the other helps me get excellent guitar and drum tracks into Logic 7, my digital sequencer. A friend came over the other day and we recorded him playing upright bass, and the ifet7 did a great job.”

Murphy also owns a Universal Audio LA-2A compressor. “The chain works extremely well when I feed the ifet7 into the LA-2A, and output the signal into my souped up Mac G5 through a MOTU Traveler interface,” he says.

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