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ModernBeats Releases ‘Live Rhythmz’ Drum Loops

ModernBeats releases its first live-loop library, entitled Live Rhythmz ($69.95), featuring more than 400 live urban drum loops. The loop library showcases drum styles ranging from urban hip-hop to pop, jazz fusion, funk and “raw” rock rhythms.

Live Rhythmz is organized into four hip-hop tempos: 87, 92, 97 and 102 bpm. Each tempo group contains 25 original live-loop themes, including four variations within each theme: Main, Break1, Break2 and Fill. Some themes feature a bonus Crash variation loop, with an added crash at the start of the loop.

ModernBeats states that Live Rhythmz was recorded and produced using Apogee converters; SSL E and G Series EQs; SSL channel strip plug-ins; an SSL stereo bus compressor in Duende modeled on the SSL 4000 G Series analog console; vintage API 312 and Neve 1073 cloned microphone preamplifiers; vintage Urei “Blackface” 1176; dbx 160; ADL tube compressors; vintage API 550A, 560B and 550B equalizers; and mics from AKG, Audix, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and RĂ˜DE.

Live Rhythmz is available in stereo, ACID-ized WAV format, and is compatible with FruityLoops, ACID Pro, Cubase, SONAR, Pro Tools and other software that accepts WAV files. The library is offered both on CD-ROM or as a download.

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