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Mogami Platinum Series Instrument Cable Now Shipping

Mogami announces that its new Platinum Series Instrument Cable (MSRP starts at $99.95) is shipping. The company states that it reduced the cable’s capacitance, and refined its mechanical and electrical performance attributes, while maintaining its superior flexibility and handling characteristics. The cable is said to be flexible, lightweight and large in diameter, as well as capable of minimizing noise, delivering a neutral tone quality and maintaining high frequency content at lengths measuring up to 50 feet.

Mogami’s Platinum Series cables use the company’s Ultra High Density spiral copper shield, plus a conductive shield-like layer with a high performance dielectric for overcoming the problem of Triboelectric Noise caused by handling, flexing or stepping on the cable.

The new cables also use Neutrik’s NP2C-AU-SILENT connector, designated by a red jacket, which physically connects to a guitar and uses a reed switch. The reed switch contains a magnetic contact that is hermetically sealed in glass inside a capsule.

The Mogami Platinum Series Instrument Cable is available in a number of lengths.

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