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MOTU Digital Performer 5 Now Shipping

MOTU’s Digital Performer Version 5 is now shipping. DP5 includes six new instrument plug-ins: BassLine, an analog-style monophonic bass synth; PolySynth, an analog-style polyphonic pad synth; NanoSampler; Modulo, a programmable, subtractive synth with two oscillators; Model 12, a twelve-part programmable drum module; and Proton, a two-operator FM synth.

New features include track folders for organizing track lists, a meter bridge, audio editing tools (Trim, Slip, Slide and Roll), automatic audio voice allocation, and film scoring features that allow the user to display and export streamers, flutters and punches directly on a QuickTime movie.

New input monitoring modes allow the user to monitor disk track inputs in-line (similar to a conventional mixer’s “record safe” mode) and choose among four different monitoring modes for a preferred tracking style. Waveform editor enhancements allow for directly editing embedded audio file tempo maps, real-time pitch correction and beat detection. With clip-based volume and gain, the user can draw a volume curve on an audio clip that will remain in all instances of the clip. Overall levels can be added or reduced non-destructively in hundredths of a dB.

MIDI Keys allow for triggering synths, entering MIDI notes and step recording from a computer keyboard. DP5’s MIDI Device Setup feature configures MIDI gear directly in DP. Users can add as many instances of an instrument plug-in as needed, with multiple MIDI tracks already assigned and everything placed together in new track folders.

DP5 is fully qualified for use with Pro Tools 7 systems running DAE Version 7.1cs4 or higher.

Registered users can upgrade directly from the MOTU Website at Users of competing products can purchase the DP5 competitive upgrade at or from authorized MOTU resellers.

For more information on new features in DP5, visit