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MOTU Releases Digital Performer Version 7.1

MOTU is now shipping Digital Performer Version 7.1 ($795), which is available as a free update for all DP7 users. Version 7.1 adds dozens of new features and enhancements, including a new Tuner plug-in, improvements to track folders, Auto-Save, and more.

DP 7.1’s new Tuner plug-in can be used to tune a guitar, bass, sax, or any other pitched instrument. Advanced features include adjustable tuning reference (400 to 480 Hz) and test-tone generation. In addition, the animated metering indicates the harmonic complexity of the input signal and therefore the certainty of the pitch.

New Auto-Save preferences allow users to save their original document automatically at a chosen time interval, or auto-save to an auxiliary document in the background. The latter option allows the user to choose when they want to save their original document, while always maintaining a separate backup at all times.

Four new Custom ’59 power amp models—preamp, vintage, classic and modern—produce guitar tones with extra punch. Dozens of guitar tone effects chains are now provided as convenient presets. With a new track folder overview, users can now inspect the contents of collapsed track folders at a glance, including track color and type of data. With track folder editing, users can select, cut, copy, paste and otherwise edit the contents of collapsed track folders, just like individual tracks.

Additionally, track folders now have play-enable, solo exempt, lock, and other track controls, just like individual tracks. With channel strip presets, users can save, recall and manage plug-in effects chains as single presets, including guitar effects chains and virtual instrument chains that include effects. Many presets are provided for drums, guitar, bass, vocals and more.

In V. 7.1, when a user fills the last channel insert in the Mixing Board, or loads a new multi-insert preset, extra insert slots are automatically added as needed. New plug-in presets have been added, especially for DP7’s guitar effects plug-ins. A new Trim tool for automation lets users can scale, flatten or offset MIDI or audio automation data within a selected time range in one simple step. V. 7.1 also automatically checks for updates; users get immediate notification about new available updates as soon as they launch DP7.

With a new fine-tune control, users can now make finely tuned adjustments for many controls in DP7 by holding down the Command key. More keyboard shortcuts will allow users to speed their workflow with new shortcuts for controlling the QuickFilter, nudging MIDI notes up/down, zooming and other features.

Digital Performer 7.1 also offers Core Audio file format support, letting users import Core Audio (CAF) files via simple drag and drop, and compatibility with Pro Tools 8.03 DAE Versions 8 to 8.0.3.

Digital Performer 7.1 is now shipping and available for immediate download as a free update for registered DP7 users at

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