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MOTU Releases DP Control App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

MOTU has released DP Control, a free application that allows Digital Performer users to control DP over a Wi-Fi network using an iPhone, iPad or third-generation iPod Touch. Built specifically for use with Digital Performer Version 7.2 or later, DP Control gives users easy access to the most important transport and mixer functions for tracking, mixing and live performance.

Designed with large, touch-friendly buttons and other UI elements, DP Control works in both landscape and portrait orientations. In portrait mode, users can hold their iPhone or iPod in one hand, and comfortably operate DP Control by pressing buttons and swiping to new pages with their thumb.

DP Control offers wireless, multi-touch mixing with Digital Performer. Users can operate multiple onscreen Mixing Board faders simultaneously with several fingers. For two-handed mixing, users can turn their iPad sideways and mix with fingers from both hands at once. MOTU states that faders and other controls are large and easy to grab, so that users can quickly swipe left and right to access more faders as they mix.

DP Control also offers two-way communication in real time. If users make a change from DP Control on a remote device, such as renaming a take or adding a marker, the corresponding DP project on the host Mac is immediately updated, and vice versa.

DP Control is now available as a free download from the Apple App store. MOTU states that it’s compatible with any iPhone, iPad, and third-generation iPod Touch, and it requires Digital Performer 7.2 or later running on a Mac on the same Wi-Fi network as DP Control.

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