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MOTU Ships MachFive Version 3 Sampler

MOTU is now shipping MachFive Version 3 ($495), a major upgrade to the company’s sampler. V. 3 includes a new user interface design, a 45GB sound library, seven signature instruments based on new scripting technology, a new hybrid synthesis engine, licensed algorithms from the IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music) research institute in Paris, France, as well another new features and enhancements.

MachFive V. 3 supports Mac OS X (10.5 or later) and Windows 7 Vista. It operates stand-alone or as a plug-in (AU/VST/RTAS) and 64-bit operation is available for supporting systems and hosts.

The MachFive 3 window displays a tabbed list on the left-hand side, main controls across the top, and a tabbed main area in the rest of the window for access to all other features. Sections can be resized, shown, or hidden as needed, to streamline operation for any task or workflow. MachFive’s window is designed to operate at various sizes, from a compact plug-in running inside host software to a full screen application taking full advantage of cinema-sized displays.

To load sounds into MachFive’s unlimited parts, a multi-column preset browser fills the MachFive window and remains open while loading multiple parts to save time. “Favorite” locations are listed along with hard drive volumes, frequently accessed folders, sound banks, and third-party sampler disc images. Typing a word or phrase into the new search field will instantly list all matching presets from all sound banks and libraries.

Once sounds are loaded, users click any part to view basic settings in the Info tab, including a representative graphic of the sound currently loaded into the part, a virtual keyboard for playing the sound, several basic “macro” controls for tweaking the sound, and text hints for using the macro controls.

Most of MachFive’s thousands of factory-supplied presets provide macro controls for direct access to the sound’s most crucial and interesting parameters, from reverb time to filter cutoff frequency. This allows users to tweak sounds quickly, without having to dig through complicated screens full of controls. Some macros adjust several parameters at once to completely transform the sound with a simple knob twist.

For deeper editing and sound design, additional tabs are available for the Oscillator Editor, Mapping Editor, Tree Editor, List Editor, Mixer view, Performance (multi) view, Effects Rack, Event Processor Rack, modulation settings panel, and other settings.

MachFive V. 3 includes seven DVDs with 45GB of multi-sampled instruments, synth patches, loops, phrases, sound design elements, and sound effects. The Universal Loops & Instruments sound bank offers acoustic and electric musical instruments that span genres, eras, geographical regions and cultural styles. The MachFive Biosphere sound bank provides hundreds of synth textures developed by leading programmers. The Xtreme FX bonus library, developed by, measures 8 GB and provides 5,000 sound effects, Foley effects, and sound textures.

MachFive V. 3 is now shipping. Registered users of V. 1 and V. 2 can upgrade to V. 3 for $179. MOTU also offers a competitive upgrade, with proof of ownership, for $295.

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