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Moving Fader Automation for API 1608

London-based pro audio specialists KMR Audio announce the availability of a proprietary moving fader automation system for the acclaimed API 1608 recording console. Leveraging API’s extensive prior experience with console automation in combination with extensive customer input, API has developed an easy-to-use Automation Package for the 1608 console, offering new features and operational control.

The system is completely self-contained with no separate computer required and saves files to standard SD memory cards for portability with room for hundreds of mixes.

With Automated Mute and Solo switches and unlimited Fader Groups with two dedicated Group Masters, the API automation can be retrofitted to existing 1608 consoles. Additional features include unlimited Mix Restore points, DAW control with unity gain audio bypass, and the capability to be expanded to 48 channels.

Full console automation is £8,000 (approximately $12,821 USD) excluding VAT and £9,600 (approximately $15,385.20 USD) including VAT.

Six-channel expander automation is £4,000 (approximately $6,410.48 USD) excluding VAT and £4,800 (approximately $7,692.58 USD) including VAT.

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