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Music Mix Mobile Uses Genelec DSP Active Monitors in CMA Broadcast

On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, Music Mix Mobile (M3), a remote facilities company based in New Jersey and California, captured and mixed music audio for the 44th annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, which were broadcast live in 5.1 on ABC-TV from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Music mixers John Harris and Jay Vicari were on-site in the company’s broadcast/mixing trucks handling the broadcast music mix using Genelec 8200 Series active DSP monitoring systems.

Music Mix Mobile’s Jay Vicari (left) and John Harris in the M3 Eclipse truck with Genelec 8200 Series bi-amplified active monitors, at the 44th annual CMA Awards.

Music Mix Mobile’s “Eclipse” truck and “Horizon” offline remix truck were each equipped with 8250A bi-amplified active DSP monitors, 8240A bi-amplified active DSP monitors and 7260A active DSP subwoofers for the live music mix.

Award-winning audio producers Michael Abbott and Tom Davis supervised the audio. ATK/Audiotek provided the sound system with front-of-house mixers Patrick Baltzell and Rick Shimer.

In the days leading up to the awards ceremony and broadcast, the night’s performers rehearsed their segments live onstage, with Harris and Vicari getting used to the mixes in real-time in the Eclipse truck and then going over those performances offline while playing them back for artist managers and the artists themselves in the Horizon truck, using an identical Genelec system.

“Genelec speakers are the industry standard and deliver accurate, uncolored sound, allowing me to work for hours at a time without any ear fatigue,” says Harris. “I have worked with Genelecs for years and they have become my go-to speakers of choice.”

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