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ILIO Entertainments Memphis Horns

This CD-ROM sample library features trumpet and trombone, as well as baritone and tenor sax sounds from the world-famous Memphis Horns duo of Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love. This multidisc, phrase-based collection delivers phrases in their original form or divided into flexible short phrases. Memphis Horns includes phrases ranging in tempo from 70 to 140 bpm. The CD-ROM library is $299 for the multidisc collection; a two-disc CD-audio set is $149.
Box 6211
Malibu, CA 90265
818/707-7222; fax 818/707-8552

Mesa Rectifier Recording Preamp

Featuring pure analog "Recto Direct" recording circuitry (no digital modeling), six 12Ax7 tubes and six modes (Clean, Fat, Brit, Raw and Vintage/Modern High Gain), this unit provides a direct guitar output that sounds like hours spent in the finest studios. Besides the versatile tone-shaping (gain, bass, mid, treble, presence and master) controls on each channel, the unit's flexible recording functions include: live/record output levels, solo level, parallel FX loop with stereo returns and mix control, and independent stereo main and recording outputs.
1317 Ross St.
Petaluma, CA 94954
707/778-6565; fax 707/765-1503

Reel Drums

Performance-oriented drum loops arranged in song format, the Reel Drums package has 27 sessions of 24-bit drum tracks, multitracked for complete ambience control at a great drum room (Bear Tracks, Suffern, N.Y.). Joe Franco (credits include Mariah Carey and Celine Dion to Twisted Sister) plays a selection of grooves—ballads, pop, alternative to slamming double bass. Available for Pro Tools and Nuendo, tracks were engineered by Kooster McAllister on the legendary Record Plant Remote.
1170 Greenwood Lake Turnpike
Ringwood, NJ 07456
973/728-2425; fax 973/728-2931

Roland MC-09 PhraseLab

The MC-09 PhraseLab" is a new creative tool for producing loops. Combining an analog-modeling synth, step sequencer, 4-part audio looper and effects processor, this instrument helps musicians develop loops with multiple variations. The MC-09 is a must for musicians, DJs and synth enthusiasts who work with audio phrases and want powerful analog-modeled synthesis at an affordable price. Price: $445.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323/890-3700; fax 323/890-3701

Sound Ideas "Just Birds & Animals II"

Just Birds & Animals II—the second pair of effects CDs in Sound Ideas audio ark—features animals, birds and natural ambiences from around the world. The collection includes apes, hippos and hyenas, buffalo, horses, moose and wolves, domestic pets and farm animals, many different birds, badgers, wolverines, snakes, dragons, Tasmanian devils, lions, tigers and bears—oh, my! At $250 and with more than 340 sound effects, Just Birds & Animals II adds great wildlife to your productions!

Sound Ideas "Impact Effects 2"

Impact Effects 2 from Sound Ideas—another smash hit! Take out your frustrations with 700 more small, medium and large crashes, scrapes, hits, drops, falls, disasters, demolitions and heavy thuds. This single CD contains a wide variety of objects and surfaces, many different impact styles and tons of debris. At just $129, Impact Effects 2 is guaranteed to give you your next big break!
105 West Beaver Creek Rd., Suite 4
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1C6
905/886-5000; fax 905/886-6800

Spectrasonics Stylus Vinyl Groove Module

Spectrasonics' Stylus Vinyl Groove Module is a software instrument plug-in featuring a 3-gigabyte library of diverse groove elements, loops and samples, and can be used as a native plug-in instrument in hosts like Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro Tools. All 1,000 loops on Stylus are presented as Groove Control-activated versions, providing independent control over the groove's pitch, tempo, feel and pattern without the need for DSP. Stylus lists for $299. MAS, RTAS and VST Mac/PC included.

Spectrasonics Trilogy Total Bass Module

Trilogy, from Spectrasonics, is a software instrument plug-in that integrates a custom 3-gigabyte library of more than 1,000 electric, acoustic and synth bass sounds, in a dual-layered format for flexible patch creation and manipulation. A total bass module, Trilogy can be used as a native plug-in instrument with hosts like Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro Tools. Trilogy lists for $399. MAS, RTAS and VST Mac/PC included.
Box 7336
Burbank, CA 91510
818/955-8481; fax 818/955-8613

TAL Audio Armadillo Blues Preamp

This studio-quality, low-noise guitar preamp with a footswitchable overdrive circuit is designed for live and studio recording. The 100% analog design instrument preamp interfaces with both pro and semi-pro recording equipment, instrument amplifiers and was specifically developed for direct-injection recording. The product was developed to provide a high-end, economical solution to instrument interfacing with professional audio consoles and musical instrument amps. List: $159.
23324 NW 102 Ave.
Alachua, FL 32615

TRF Production Music "Power Distortion"

An excellent production elements CD has 492 powerful broadcast-quality production elements produced by Weirdoactivity. The CD includes cool-sounding beeps, lasers, flashers, power tones, whooshes, sweeps and many other special effects. A demo is available upon request.

TRF Production Music "Kool Kat"

TRF adds 30 new CDs to the Kool Kat production music library, now containing 50 outstanding contemporary, retro and traditional CDs. New releases include styles ranging from old-school funk, country, ragtime, ethnic and jazz to cutting-edge electronica, hip hop, rock, world beat, Latin and extreme music. Kool Kat discs contain full-length and jingle-length versions.
747 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10950
845/356-0800; fax 845/356-0895

Vienna Symphonic Library

The first releases from the most comprehensive orchestral sample library ever can now, for the first time, be heard and tested in a sound-proof cube at the AES convention in L.A. The DVD-ROM collections already feature more than 100,000 single-note and phrase samples of strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion, played by top musicians from Vienna's renowned orchestras and recorded in a specially designed soundstage. Further editions on hard drive will follow.
89 Draschestrasse
A-1230 Wien Austria
(+4) 316/176-3130