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Music Products


DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS EVOLVER: The Evolver keyboard is a classic mono synth featuring a knob-per-function interface. This stereo instrument has two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators that use the wave tables from the Sequential Prophet VS. The synth also uses Curtis 2/4-pole analog lowpass filters, real analog VCAs and a host of other features, including a powerful 4×16 analog-style sequencer. The keyboard can be chained to other Evolvers for polyphonic operation.

DISCRETE DRUMS RUFF DRUMZ BITCH: Smokin’ collection of hip hop and R&B drum performances on eight discrete tracks. This is the real deal performed by the drummers that are making the hits.

DRUMS ON DEMAND VOL. 8, MORE 4/4: This tasty collection of 28 straight-time Song Sets™—available in stereo and multitrack editions—is guaranteed to inspire the hit songwriter in you. Features a variety of crossover styles and sounds for rock, pop and country. Simply find the Master Loop™ and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a “session player” drum track.

DW DRUMS ACOUSTIC EQUALIZER SNARE: Ideal for recording, this 6×14-inch DW Collector’s Series snare features Acoustic Equalizer technology, an advanced venting system that lets drummers control the amount of air leaving the drum via a series of precision-cut gates, creating a drastic change in tone that’s amplified when close-miked. Open it up for a dry crack or close it off for a thick bottom end.

FirstCom’s 15 spectacular libraries deliver the power of 40,000-plus compositions and are growing by 100 new CDs a year. Visit to preview its new special series, The Chronicles of Hip Hop. Reflecting today’s charts, this series is innovative, fun, creative and, at times, irreverent. The Chronicles of Hip Hop features new artists, credible and real. The initial four discs will be available this fall.

HOLLYWOOD EDGE THE PREMIERE EDITION 6: The legacy continues with the sixth installment of the Premiere Edition Library. Containing 1,100 of the most sought-after and requested effects. Categories include antique and modern civilian and military airplanes and helicopters and maritime effects; water movement; exotic frog and cricket ambiences; rural and urban ambiences; public events backgrounds; children and adult vocals; household; clocks; and fire, ice and weapons. Ten audio CDs and two bonus DVDs is $695.

HOLLYWOOD EDGE THE PREMIERE EDITION 7: Premiere Edition 7 is an excellent tool to sweeten and enhance any of your radio, TV, film or game projects. The latest in the Hollywood Edge Flagship Collection contains more than 1,150 effects. Categories include sedans, sports cars, SUVs and trucks; traffic and city backgrounds; construction; footsteps; water; wind; animals; doors; buttons; Foley; and medical effects. Ten audio CDs and two bonus DVDs is $695.

IK MULTIMEDIA STEALTHPLUG: With an in-line guitar cable USB audio interface housing a ¼-inch jack on one side and a USB port on the other, entering the world of software-based amp and effects modeling is as simple as plugging your guitar into a computer. StealthPlug also includes volume-adjustment buttons, indication LED and 1/8–inch stereo output for headphones, powered speakers or an amp. Includes AmpliTube 2 Live.

MSOFT MUSICCUE, VISIONCLIP SERVERS: VisionClip will archive your image libraries or your own video. Proxy files and production-quality digitized video with searchable thumbnail images are created on upload. MusicCue will get rid of your walls of music and sound effects CDs, and get current releases of all production music libraries totaling more than 25,000 CDs. Systems come with music cross-referenced by category, era, style, etc., and make music cue sheets from an EDL file.

Massive is a sonic monster for maximum sonic impact. The high-end engine delivers pure quality, lending an undeniable virtue and character to even the most saturated of sounds. The interface is clearly laid out and easy to use. From violently rugged and deep bass rumblings to silky smooth, gliding and gently fluctuating pads, from brutal to delicate, Massive generates distinctive, intense and vivid sounds from the start.

NOVATION XIOSYNTH: Novation’s newest synth is an integrated synthesizer, audio interface and MIDI controller. Features include a mono-timbral Novation synth engine with 8-voice polyphony, three oscillators, a filter, two LFOs, an arpeggiator and a multi-effects board. The XioSynth also boasts the new X-Gator patch programmer and 200 jaw-dropping presets, including 60 from renowned artists and producers. AES booth #318.

SOUND IDEAS PODCASTING PRODUCTION TOOLKIT: Liven up your Podcast productions with 1,000 MP3 files of production elements, royalty-free music and SFX on a CD-ROM. AES booth #215.

SYNTHOGY ITALIAN GRAND: Expansion pack for Ivory that adds a fourth stunning piano to Synthogy’s award-winning collection. With 12 velocity layers and 16 GB of sample data, the Italian Grand continues Ivory’s legacy as the world’s premier virtual piano. Supports RTAS, VST and Audio Units hosts, and stand-alone.

TRF PRODUCTION MUSIC CDS: TRF added 20 new CDs to its Kool Kat (now containing 90 contemporary, cutting-edge CDs) and Adrenalin libraries. Releases include Rock, Electronica 4, Europe, Kool Beds 3, Olympics, Big Band, Grand Piano, Big Screen Action, 1980s Style, Latin Lounge Chillout, Smooth Beds, Quirky/Fun, Ambient and Acoustic Guitar. TRF also released two new Bravo, two Cobra, three Dennis and 12 Stock CDs, including Cartoons, Buddha Bar, Nostalgia, Trance, Jazz, Phunk+Jazz=Cool, Light Grooves and Ambient Drama.

VIENNA SYMPHONIC LIBRARY SYMPHONIC CUBE: Ten Vienna Instruments, making up the Symphonic Cube, are Vienna’s answer to the desires of composers and orchestrators for ease of use, authenticity and inspiration. The Virtual Instruments incorporate intelligent performance algorithms into a powerful audio engine. Articulations can be combined on a single MIDI track. Vienna’s proprietary Performance Detection analyzes intervals, repeated notes, patterns and speed in real time and automatically summons the appropriate articulation.