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Music Unfolding Releases M3 Audio Units Plug-in

Music Unfolding announces the release of M3 ($35), an Audio Units plug-in distortion effect with two waveshapers, two parametric EQs, a delay and an envelope/MIDI controlled formant wah section.

The waveshapers are defined with Bezier curves by clicking and dragging control points. Each waveshaper can be contoured using a collection of available filters. Because there are two waveshapers, the first can be used to drive the second. The user can use the independent contouring filters of the two waveshaper sections to precisely design the character of the distortion.

Each EQ has five filters: low shelf, high shelf and three peak/cut. The first EQ section can be used to contour the signal before the distortion stages. The second is applied after the distortion stages and can be used for emulating cabinet response or adjusting the presence of distortion.

A two-second delay with adjustable depth, feedback and filtering is placed between the two stages of distortion. The formant section can be set to auto-filter or can be controlled with a MIDI expression pedal. There are 90 different formant filter morphing wahs or oscillations. The various combinations of formant, filter and delay can lead to unique sounds.

M3 is available for Mac OS X as a Universal Binary. For more information, visit A demo is available at